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Micromax Bharat 3 Go advantages and disadvantages.

Hello, In today you are going to tell Micromax Bharat 3 go, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Micromax Bharat go phone and customer reviews.

Micromax Bharat 3 Go advantages and disadvantages
Micromax Bharat 3 phone advantages and disadvantages

Micromax Bharat 3 go phone review.

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Micromax company is well known in our country. Micromax launched this device in 2017. But this Android device runs on Nougat, which is the latest Android operating system. But this is not enough, Micromax Bharat go, has only 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. We do not use it much. This mobile phone is completely annoying.

The speaker breaks after a month. The quality of the camera is very bad. 5mp rear and front camera which is not for good photography. It is not designed for heavy users. this display size is just 4.5. It supports the 4G network but it is not enough because the problem of storage and RAM makes it weak.

Sound is the worst, it gives a burst of sound from the speaker.
Style and design are like other old equipment, very disgusting.
Other features are not so good, it irritates just like the other old phone. In my opinion, Micromax Bharat 3 go phone is the worst phone in Micromax. Thank you.

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Top 6 advantages Micromax Bharat 3 Go.

Top 6 advantages Micromax Bharat 3 Go.
Top 6 advantages Micromax Bharat 3 phone.

1) Low price.

Friends Micromax is a very good company in India, which is very famous, which launched its mobile phone in 2017, Micromax Bharat 3 go. While the price of this phone is very low, it has very good features. Which you get in the comparing of the rest of the mobile. Micromax Bharat go phone price is Rs. 3,799 only.

2) Latest Android Nougat (OS)

Friends, Micromax Bharat 3 go phone price is very low but the company has given you the latest version of Android’s Nougat OS in this mobile phone at a very low price so that you can enjoy Better UI ie User Interface and use new features Are.

3) Dual camera.

On this phone, the company has given a 5-megapixel front camera and 5-megapixel rear camera which comes with dual flash.

4) Dual flash.

Friends, this phone also gives you a flash with a dual camera. Which proves to be very helpful in night selfies.

5) OTG support.

Friends, this phone gives you many features as well as OTG support. With his help, you can add many devices like pen-drive, mouse, keyboard, newsletter, etc. from your phone.

6) Dual sim 3G/4G/LTE supported.

Friends, this phone also gives you 3G and 4G and VoLTE support. With this help, you can enjoy good internet speed.

Top 6 disadvantages Micromax Bharat 3 go phone.

Top 6 disadvantages Micromax Bharat 3 Go.
Top 6 disadvantages Micromax Bharat go.

1) Bad review this phone.

Friends, there have been bad comments from customers about Micromax Bharat go phone. like:-

  • The screen is too small n the phone is not upto the mark.
  • Item is not good as per my expectations.
  • heat this phone.
  • camera quality not attempt, etc.

2) Old phone.

this phone is an old phone. It was launched in 2017. Then there is a difference in land skies in technology and now technology. At that time the technology which ran Micromax bharat go mobile phone made from the same technology

3) Expandable storage only 32 GB.

Friends, if you store large amounts of data in this phone, then this phone is for you because in it you can only extend its storage up to 32GB, you can not exceed

4) Heating in this phone playing games.

Friends, Micromax Bharat phone gets hot very quickly while playing the game so that its battery gets quicker.

5) Low display resolution.

Friends, this phone’s screen is much smaller than today’s phone.

6) Low Ram.

The ram of this phone is very low, the company has given the only ram of 1 GB You will not be able to do multitasking on this phone.

Microax Bharat 3 phone back cover.

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Micromax Bharat 3 Go battery.

dear friends you can buy Micromax Bharat 3 phone battey link :- Micromax Bharat 3 Go battery

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