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Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping

Hello friends, in today’s article I am going to tell you what are the advantages of shopping online. And what are its disadvantages? (Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping) And what are the problems with shopping online And how do you do online shopping? What are the biggest drawbacks of shopping online? And know the pros and cons of online shopping in detail in this post, and my name is Rajendra Singh and you are watching,

What is online shopping?

E-shopping means shopping for your favorite items through the internet. And e-shopping in India started after the arrival of around the 21st century. But in a few years, it spread so much across the country, which has no limit.

Friends, online shopping means that you can buy anything from digital medium sitting at home from any digital shop with the help of the internet, it is called online shopping. That is, if you go to a store to buy goods, then you buy something you like. This is also the same but the only difference is that the shop is in front of you. And in online shopping, the shop is on your phone or computer. and I will show my down post is Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.

What is online shopping

Another example of today’s modern era is online shopping, in which the customer does not have to take the item. Rather the item reaches the customer’s home automatically. And how much need is there for the retarded goods, whether it is kitchen items or any other material related to your office.

Everything is present in the online market. And people are also taking great advantage of this facility. And just like everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In the same way, there are many advantages and disadvantages of online shopping( pros of online shopping )Online shopping also has many benefits, which have gone down.

Advantages of online shopping

Everything is present in the online market. And people are also taking great advantage of this facility. And just like everything has its advantages. In the same way, there are many advantages of online shopping – Advantages of Online Shopping. ( pros of online shopping )Online shopping also has many benefits, which have gone down.

  1. Best Offer and Discount.
  2. Better convenience.
  3. Many types of products.
  4. Old stuff also exists.
  5. Confirmed bill.
  6. Goods not found in common shops are also online.
Advantages of online shopping
Advantages of online shopping

Best Offer and Discount

Friends, it is not possible that there is no competition in any business. And there is huge competition in the online market as well. And there are big companies here that also provide very good offers to attract customers. And also give full discounts on items. You get these offers mostly during festivals and any particular day. There can be many reasons behind these offers from merchants. But in the end, only customers get their benefits.

Better convenience

Friends online shopping is very convenient. You have only fingers on your phone sitting in your house. And you have to order your own goods. And neither you have to carry the goods nor will you have to bear the brunt of the weather. Shortly afterward your item reaches you easily.

Many types of products

Variations in any product will be seen in online markets. Then whether it is anything from a needle to an elephant shape. And the value also varies.
If the customer wants, he can choose the goods related to his needs and all the information about each item is easily obtained online. So that the customer easily examines the variation between the two items and the quality and price carefully.

Old stuff also exists

Friends, many people have their old things, which are of no use to them. They also think of selling it online. Then, in that case, he sells his goods online. There are also many people around who buy all that old stuff. After getting information about that item online, they buy that old item at a very reasonable price.

Confirmed bill

Friends, if you buy anything online, then you get full and firm bills on even the smallest items. So that if anything goes wrong with you, you can show that bill on the basis of proof. best advantages of online shopping in Confirmed bill.

Goods not found in common shops are also online

Friends, there are some items that you cannot find in common street or neighborhood shops, but through online shopping, you can also buy that item. There are many big markets available in online shopping, which easily find every kind of item. Goods not found in common shops are also online with advantages.

Disadvantages of online shopping

Friends, online shopping is a craze in today’s technology. Everyone is shopping online. Very keen to shop online. Online shopping has many advantages. But along with this, there is a lot of harm to them. Nowadays everyone wants to do online shopping.

Because online shopping takes much less time. And we can easily shop while sitting at home. Many people do online shopping for this reason. Because they have absolutely no time to go to the market. And either he wants to stay away from the crowd. If you also do online shopping, then know its top 6 disadvantages before shopping online.

  1. I cannot touch the stuff
  2. It may take time until the same reaches us
  3. Buy goods from an unknown seller
  4. Online shopping fraud
  5. Shipping charge on online Goods
  6. Use of card details
Disadvantages of online shopping

It may take time until the same reaches us.

Friends, It may take time until the same reaches us. if any of you take the same from the shop, then you get the same at the same time. And you can use it at the same time. But when you order online shopping, then you have to wait for a few days. And your purchased equal comes in at least 4 to 5 days or more. And sometimes it does not even come a disadvantage.

I cannot touch the stuff.

Friends, if you are among those who buy the product by looking or touching it well, then you cannot do this at all in online shopping. You can only see it and you can either imagine it. There are many things that once touched, it tells you whether to buy goods or not. I can’t touch the stuff.

Buy goods from an unknown seller.

If you have any problem in buying the same while shopping online, then you are the unknown seller from whom you have purchased goods for the first time through online shopping. You don’t know if he will help you or not. this condition is Buy goods from an unknown seller.

Online shopping fraud.

Friends, today most people continue shopping online. For which he uses the Internet, but tells us that there are only a few web sites that sell genuine goods. The rest of the Internet has many fake websites available, but before purchasing anything, it definitely gets the information about that company. There are more fake web sites on the Internet that reduce the value of goods and attract customers to them. And customers get caught in this greed and as a result, they fall prey to online deception.

Shipping charge on online Goods

Friends sometimes, on purchasing goods online, some online items charge more than the shipping charge. Whose value exceeds the value of the commodity. It is also called a robbery of the online market. These shipping charges are unreliable. So buy the goods carefully. Shipping charge on online Goods is a loss. problems with shopping.

Use of card details

Friends, if you are shopping online, then you have to pay with your card or internet banking while shopping, so many companies now save card details while making payment. And this makes the payment easily at the next time of shopping. And money is deducted from your account. Never save your credit or debit card details anywhere and on any shopping website or app. This is not correct in terms of security.

What are the problems in online shopping?

Friends, there are a lot of problems while shopping online. Some of its problems are main and I have listed all those problems in the list below.

  • Refund to late.
  • Low internet problem.
  • late delivery problem.
  • high shipping charges.
  • payment failed.
  • Warranty claim.
  • Unsafe bank balance.

I hope you have got answers to all the questions of the Advantages and Disadvantages of online shopping.

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