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Advantages and disadvantages of drink beer

Friends, in this post today, we are going to tell you about the benefits and pitfalls of drinking beer, Drinking beer benefits (Advantages of drink beer ). and side effects of drinking beer(Disadvantages of drink beer ). If you want to know about it, then keep up with our article, so let’s start with friends. My name is Rajendra Singh and you are watching

What is beer

Friends, beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. And the beer is made from malted barley, wheat, and corn. It is very much cooked in a furnace to make beer. And during the ripening process, fermentation of starch sugars in the furnace results in ethanol and carbonation in the beer. The natural carbonation effect is removed when making commercial beer, and forced carbonation is added to it. It is beneficial for our bodies to use it on the border.

Very beneficial for skinny people. Drinking beer makes the mind calm. Decrease heart disease. Reduce dandruff and dandruff. Sleep well at night. The kidney makes strong.
Advantages and disadvantages of drink beer

Drinking beer benefits (Advantages of drink beer )

  1. Very beneficial for skinny people.
  2. Drinking beer makes the mind calm.
  3. Decrease heart disease.
  4. Reduce dandruff and dandruff.
  5. Sleep well at night.
  6. The kidney makes strong.

Very beneficial for skinny people

Friends, this is the fiest ( Drinking beer benefits). if a person who is lean, and people who want to increase their weight rapidly, then that person can use beer. Because it contains a very good amount of calories. And which is very helpful in increasing your weight. And it makes a thin skinny person fat.

Drinking beer makes the mind calm

Many people go to drink wine or beer when they are very much worried. But have you ever thought that when these people are very stressed, then why go to drink alcohol or beer at the same time, the simple answer to this is that drinking beer makes your brain nerves a little relaxed? And because of which you also feel comfortable. And your anxiety and stress are greatly reduced. But we advise you not to drink too much of it to the extent that drinking a beer will be very beneficial for you and will help a lot in reducing tension.

Decrease heart disease

Friends, in a study it was found that if you drink beer daily in Italy, your risk of heart disease is reduced by 31 percent because it contains anti-oxidant which is very important for your heart. Is more beneficial. But if you drink more beer than the limit, then your risk of heart disease will increase. So never drink too much beer and one beer is enough for you.

Reduce dandruff and dandruff

Drinking beer can greatly reduce the complaints of dandruff and Russi happening in the hair because it contains a good amount of vitamin B, which helps us a lot in removing dandruff.

Sleep well at night

If you are not able to sleep well at night and you are very upset with stress, then you can use beer, because it is very helpful in providing good sleep and relieving stress, and many people do not sleep at night, and they are full of stress, so if you consume the right amount of beer, then you can sleep well at night.

Kidney makes strong

In the younger generation now, intoxication is caused by a lot of heartburn, and if you also start consuming beer, then you can avoid problems like stones, by consuming it, the kidney remains strong. Doctors also advise drinking beer for people who have kidney problems.

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Side effects of drinking beer(Disadvantages of drink beer )

  1. Beer is harmful for the liver.
  2. Prone to the accident.
  3. Do not drink beer at all in blood pressure.
  4. Brain cells are destroyed.
  5. Feel addicted.
  6. increase Obesity.

Beer is harmful for liver

Friends, this is the first side effect of drinking beer. if you drink a lot of beer, then let us tell you that it can do very bad damage on your liver because it contains an amount of alcohol which causes more damage to your liver so that your liver is damaged. The chances of having it increase greatly and if you drink beer accordingly, the risk of a liver problem is very low, but if you take three to four daily So Iyr drink prone to liver failure rises too much.

Prone to accident

Friends, when you drive a bike or a car after drinking beer, you are very much at risk of being an accident, you will get to read in the news or in the newspapers that someone became an accident and died by drinking alcohol. . And in India, more than 100 people die every day due to intoxication driving, so we will not tell you at all that you should ever drive a beer bike or a car because it can kill you. Nothing more happens than life.

Do not drink beer at all in blood pressure

If you have a problem of high blood pressure, then do not consume beer at all because your blood pressure will increase even more and you will not be able to keep your blood pressure under control at all. Because when you drink beer, whatever alcohol is in it gets in your blood and that increases your blood pressure rapidly. Therefore, we will tell you that if you have a problem of blood pressure, then you should not drink beer at all, which can also threaten your life.

Brain cells are destroyed

If you drink beer for a very long time then your brain cells slowly start to perish. Because many people also complain that they are unable to concentrate properly in one place. And their power to think and understand is greatly reduced. And the important reason for this problem is that drinking beer for a long time slowly destroys the cells of your brain.

Feel addicted

We have seen how many people who used to drink Kabar and beer before, it is not such a day today that they can live without drinking beer and they would get addicted to drinking beer. So when any man gets addicted to something, he is unable to live without it. Because of this, he keeps on constantly doing drugs that have a very bad effect on his body.

increase Obesity

The last side effects of drinking beer. Beer has a lot of calories. This increases your obesity and your stomach starts to shrink and you will see any person drinking beer, his stomach will always be out. And his body appears too open. And if you are already fat then drinking beer is not right for you at all. Because it will increase your obesity even more.

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