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curd benefits, yogurt benefits, benefits of dahi

Today, we talk about the most common and everyday food items used in yogurt. It is a staple health diet among all favorite foods. It is a popular diet used in sweets, food, etc. Although people may not like milk, 95% of people definitely like curd.


Curd is a substance made from milk. It is called Curd in the Western language. Food is incomplete without it. Yogurt began in Western European countries. Yogurt has been stored in India since about 4000 to 5000 years ago. Yogurt is sour and slightly sweet in taste.

Yogurt contains a bacterium named Lactobacillus, which acts to freeze curd. Yogurt contains protein, calcium and many types of vitamins.

curd benefits, yogurt benefits, benefits of dahi
curd benefits, yogurt benefits, benefits of dahi

Uses of Curd

  • You can make curd by mixing curd with cucumber.
  • Yogurt is used in pooja lessons etc.
  • According to Indian tradition, eating sugar mixed with curd before performing auspicious work is considered highly auspicious.
  • You can use curd while making chutney, which brings sourness to the sauce and makes the chutney tasty.
  • When curd is applied on the skin, it enhances the skin.

Right Time to Eat Yogurt.

The right time to eat curd is in the morning during breakfast. Because after breakfast. If every person does labor then the digestion of curd takes place. However one can eat it in the afternoon. But that time is good for a person doing manual work all day. Due to which he goes to work after eating food, then the digestion of curd becomes quick. But never take curd at night because everyone sleeps after dinner, due to which you may have trouble getting up in the morning, your body may get light jams. Therefore, never consume yogurt at night, instead, you can drink milk.

The benefits of eating empty stomach yogurt

  • Eating yogurt on an empty stomach eliminates the problem of constipation in your intestines.
  • Yogurt keeps your intestine clean. and Good for digestion.
  • Eating empty stomach yogurt lactobacillus, the bacteria present in yogurt destroys the bacteria present in your stomach.
  • By eating empty stomach yogurt, your stomach-related diseases are eliminated.

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