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Advantages and disadvantages of Jaggery

Hello friends, in this post today, I am going to tell you what are the benefits of eating jaggery. And Advantages and disadvantages of Jaggery with whom should it be eaten, so that you will get its full benefits. So to get information about all this, I definitely read this article completely, and my name is Rajendra Singh and I am from Uttarakhand, so let’s start this post today.

what is Jaggery

Friends, good is made from sugarcane juice or palm juice. And it is made from insoluble material like 20% inverted sugar, 50% sucrose, and 20% moisture remaining protein, wood ash, etc. And most of the good jaggery is dark brown in color or golden brown. But good naturally imparts sweetness. Also, it keeps many types of diseases away from our body and keeps our body-safe. Eating jaggery especially in wintertime gives very good benefits to the body. more

jaggery, good is made from sugarcane juice or palm juice. And it is made from insoluble material like 20% inverted sugar, 50% sucrose, and 20% moisture remaining protein, wood ash, etc.
Advantages and disadvantages of Jaggery

Top 6 Advantages of Jaggery

  1. Relieving the cold cough.
  2. Strengthen the bones of the body.
  3. Very good for the heart.
  4. Keep the digestion healthy.
  5. Very beneficial for lungs.
  6. Beneficial for skin.

Advantages of Jaggery is Relieving cold cough

So friends, as we have already told you, that eating jaggery in the winter month proves very beneficial for everyone. And eating jaggery in the winter month keeps the body healthy and healthy and does not cause cold cough and cold. And good for asthma patients is also very beneficial. Its regular use reduces asthma. Eating jaggery in the winter season also gives relief to the throat. And the partner does not allow many diseases related to many other types of the respiratory system.

Advantages of Jaggery to Strengthen the bones of the body

Friends, jaggery makes bones strong. And if you are suffering from joint pain. So jaggery can prove to be very beneficial for you. And phosphorus along with the calcium present in jaggery helps in strengthening bones. Apart from this, taking ginger with a piece of jaggery continuously does not cause any joint pain in winter. And the elderly will also benefit greatly by eating jaggery and bread. Therefore it would be better to eat jaggery instead of sugar in every meal, so start eating jaggery from today.

Advantages of Jaggery is Very good for the heart.

Eating jaggery opens the blood vessels of the body well. So that blood pressure works correctly. And the body remains healthy, for those who have low blood pressure (hypotension), then due to the potassium in the good, its blood pressure starts to be balanced by its regular use for good health, having a good heart is very important. And when the heart is weak, there is an increased risk of many types of heart disease like heart attack or heart failure.

Advantages of Jaggery is Keep the digestion healthy

Friends, with this taste, jaggery has good blood purifying properties. And this easily removes all toxic substances in the body. Therefore, eating jaggery is also beneficial. And regular eating jaggery with a glass of water or milk also keeps the stomach always fit. Apart from this, people with problems like stomach gas should also eat some jaggery after eating food to avoid this problem, this will remove gas.

Advantages of Jaggery is Very beneficial for lungs

Friends, there are many types of diseases related to colds, phlegm and other lung diseases. And if it is not reducing by taking medicines repeatedly or even by injections, then eat jaggery for a few days. Many researchers believe that GOOD helps in curing many types of lung infections and diseases very fast.

Advantages of Jaggery is Beneficial for skin

Jaggery is also very beneficial for our skin. And it helps to make your skin healthy and attractive. And jaggery also helps in removing bad toxin from the blood. Due to which the blood gets cleaned. And your skin glows as well as removes the problem of acne and wrinkles.

Top 6 Disadvantages of Jaggery

Friends, there are many benefits to eating jaggery, so it also has many disadvantages. Till now we were talking about its benefits, now we will talk about the side effects or damage caused by jaggery. And jaggery is beneficial for the human body, but by eating too much, it also damages the body.

Therefore, it should always be eaten in limited quantity or else many diseases can occur in the body. And being a naturally sweet, it is not only good for the body but can also increase health problems. And if the jaggery is not clean and pure then some of the disadvantages due to eating more jaggery are given below.

  1. Jaggery is prone to increase sugar.
  2. Risk of infection.
  3. Jaggery allergy.
  4. Weight gain.

The disadvantage of Jaggery is the increase sugar level.

Friends, there is a danger of increasing sugar from jaggery. Jaggery is more nutritious than sugar, but eating it in large amounts can increase the problem of blood sugar. And you will be surprised to know that there is 9.7 grams of sugar in 10 grams of jaggery. And therefore it should be consumed carefully.

Disadvantages of Jaggery is Risk of infection

Friends, if the jaggery is not prepared properly, it remains impure. Because of this, eating it increases the possibility of worms in your intestines. And jaggery is mostly prepared in villages, where its purity is not given much attention when making it. Due to this, small creatures remain in them. Which can affect your health.

Disadvantages of Jaggery is Jaggery allergy

Sometimes consuming too much of jaggery also causes a lot of problems due to allergies and it can also cause many problems like runny nose, vomiting, cold, cough, headache. These problems or allergies are caused by eating too much jaggery.

Disadvantages of Jaggery is Weight gain

There are 385 calories in 100 grams of jaggery. And those who are dieting to lose weight, they should avoid eating jaggery. Jaggery is not completely pure and a lot of sucrose is found in it, so patients with arthritis should not eat jaggery. Many research has also revealed this, sucrose causes problems in omega-3 fatty acids produced in your body.

due to which there are complaints of burning and inflammation in the body. Although sometimes eating small amounts of jaggery does not harm. But eating more of it can increase your weight. Jaggery is sweet and also rich in carbohydrates. Therefore jaggery should not be consumed during weight loss.

Disadvantages of Jaggery is Other issues

In other problems like if you consume freshly made jaggery, it can increase the problem of diarrhea. Some people also complain of constipation after consuming fresh jaggery. The jaggery effect is hot, so there are complaints of bleeding from the nose. Excessive consumption of jaggery in summer can cause a problem of hemorrhage, so it is advisable not to eat jaggery in summer.

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