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benefits of garlic & Uses of Garlic


After all, who will not know the name of garlic. In today’s time, a meal is incomplete without garlic, if there is no garlic, then it is not fun to eat. Garlic is a clan of the onion variety, you can also name it a vegetable.

Garlic and onion come under tamasic and rajasic ie non-vegetarian food. You cannot eat it under fasting and worshiping. Its botanical name is Allivum sativum. The reason for its smell is the sulfur compound obtained in it, which produces garlic’s pungent taste.

benefits of garlic

Method of growing garlic

Garlic is cultivated in October. You can grow garlic in your home courtyard or in your garden. It is cultivated on a large scale, which is as follows –

  • After plowing the field properly, a lot of dung manure is prepared and the field is prepared for sowing.
  • After this, garlic buds are dipped.
  • After three or four days, the field is irrigated.
  • Then after a month, when the garlic plants start sprouting and weeding, weeding is done.
  • Then as dryness occurs in the field, then irrigation has to be done. And after 6 months its crop is ready.

Uses of Garlic

  • Garlic is commonly used in food.
  • Garlic is also used to make chutney.
  • Garlic is used in pickles etc.
  • You can also use it as a spice.

Benefits of Garlic

  • Garlic is helpful in our digestion. Such as possession, gas, etc.
  • By eating garlic daily with warm water in the morning, the immunity capacity of humans is increased.
  • Chewing garlic raw ends the problem of BP Haigh.
  • This is used to treat cholesterol patients.
  • Garlic is beneficial for heart patients.
  • This oil is used for arthritis patients.
  • Roasted garlic makes the body free from disease.
  • Vitamin A, C, and E are also found in garlic peels, which protect us from diseases caused by deficiency of vitamins.

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