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iti course ke fayde, advantages of iti course

Hello friends, Its full Meaning in – Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) is like an ITI Polytechnic, an institution where you can get a diploma related to a subject but there is a considerable difference in ITI and Polytechnic.

What is ITI Course? Course Job Salary Information.

All diploma courses in Polytechnic are completed in about 3 years. There are 6 diploma courses from 6 months to 2 years in the same ITI. So if you want to get a diploma related to any subject, you can do a diploma from Iti, but for this, your academic qualification should be up to at least 8th standard or tenth grade.

After doing it, we can easily get government and private jobs. But if you want to do further studies after doing ITI, then you can do polytechnics after ITI and after the polytechnic, you can graduate degree studies.

So if you are also thinking about doing a diploma from ITI today, in this post we have to do you ITI, complete information about ITI course, ITI course list, ITI trade, benefit from ITI, ITI course fees, ITI After giving the complete information about what to do. I have already told you about it. Today I will tell you why iti course ke fayde, ITI and what are the benefits of doing ITI?

About ITI, I have already told you that ITI is a course in which you are given information from the beginning of the related engineering trades.advantages of iti course. It is an electrician, fitter, welder, diesel mechanic, draft man, etc.

All ITI Trades list?

As we all know, there is a separate trade in ITI and students who receive a diploma from ITI. They have to get their diploma from a particular trade. Like if your interest is in electrical. So you can get a Diploma in ITI from Electrical. Or mechanical fitter computers, etc.

You can also get a Diploma, ITI from the other branches below. You have been given the full list of all the trades in ITI. best You can get your ITI diploma by choosing any one trade as per your interest. Keep in mind one thing that all trades will not be found in all ITI institutions. advantages of iti course You will need to know before getting admission, which trade can be found in that ITI.

You can a get your ITI diploma by choosing any one trade as per your interest. Keep in mind one thing that all trades will not be found in all ITI institutions. You will need to know before getting admission, which trade can be found in that ITI.

  1. Advanced-Electronics
  2. Advanced Tool and Die Making
  3. Advanced Welding
  4. Architectural Draughtsman Ship
  5. Baker And Confectioner
  6. Book Binder
  7. CAD CAM
  8. Carpenter
  9. Computer Operator And Programming Assistant
  10. Cutting And Sewing
  11. Desk Top Publishing Operator
  12. Draughtsman Mechanical
  13. Driver Cum Mechanic Light Motor Vehicle
  14. Electrical
  15. Electrician
  16. Electronic Mechanic
  17. Electroplater
  18. Fitter
  19. Foundry Man
  20. Hair And Skin Care
  21. Heat Engine Automobile
  22. Instrument Mechanic
  23. Instrument Mechanic Chemical Plant
  24. Interior Decoration And Designing
  25. Machine Tool Maintenance
  26. Machinist
  27. Mason Building Constructor
  28. Mechanic-Computer Hardware
  29. Mechanic-Diesel
  30. Mechanic-Machine Tools Maintenance
  31. Mechanic-Motor Vehicle
  32. Mechanic-Radio And Television
  33. Mechanic-Refrigeration And Air Conditioner
  34. Mechanic Watch And Clock
  35. Metrology and Engineering Inspection
  36. Molder
  37. Network Technician
  38. Painter General
  39. Pattern Maker
  40. Plumber
  41. Pre-Preparatory School Management Assistant
  42. Principles Of Teaching
  43. Secretarial Practice
  44. Sheet Metal Worker
  45. Stenography English
  46. Surveyor
  47. Tool and Die Maker
  48. Turner
  49. Welder Gas And Electric
  50. Wireman

In just a few trade ITIs out of the 50 trades given to you, you will get the opportunity to see more trade in government ITI but only 5 to 10 trades are found in Private ITI. The timing of all trades is different.

if you do a diploma from electrical trade, you will get a diploma of 2 years and if you do a diploma from fitter trade you will get a 1-year diploma. So, as far as possible you try to do a diploma from a trade like electrical or civil or computer so that you can get a better job.advantages of iti course.

Which ITI course is best?

1) ITI In Instrument Mechanic.

This is a 2-year course and incorporates both viable and hypothesis classes. Subsequent to seeking after these courses, understudies will get situations as a machine repairman, colleague specialist, instrument expert, and instrumentation professionals.

2) ITI In Sheet Metal Worker.

It includes in the structure advancement industry. Understudies will learn different things in this course, for example, cooling channel structures, siding and housetops. Numerous understudies will discover openings in the development business. advantages of iti course.

3) ITI In Tool And Die Making.

This is one of the special courses and the term of the course will be three years. One will find out about metalworking aptitudes, hot-working of metals, surface crushing, barrel-shaped granulating, building drawing and others.

4) ITI In Mechanic Of Radio And TV.

The work openings are colossal in the wake of seeking after this course. One will discover openings in TV and radio-assembling organizations and repairing firms other than government undertakings. One can likewise think about independent work.

5) ITI In Mechanic Medical Electronics.

With ITI course in this specialization, one can likewise go for higher investigations, for example, BE in medicinal hardware and confirmation in therapeutic gadgets. Subsequent to seeking after this course, one will get open doors as a biomedical gear professional, medicinal hardware repairer, organize master and others.

6) ITI In Laboratory Assistant Of Chemical Plant

This is an outstanding position in the compound plants with a worthwhile pay band. This is likewise a two-year course and competitors will learn both down to earth and hypothesis. advantages of iti course. The positions required subsequent to seeking after this course is research partner, R&D partner and lab investigator.

7) ITI In Horticulture.

This course includes an agribusiness plant development exchange. One will find out about different strategies engaged with the development that incorporates products of the soil development. They will likewise find out about soil richness and soil fruitfulness the board.

8) ITI In Draftsman (Mechanical).

This two-year course will cause understudies to get acquainted with all the essential ideas associated with the designer. One will land positions as a lesser specialized collaborator, an Autocad artist, an artist channeling and a basic artist.

9) ITI In Building Maintenance.

The course is about how to fix and additionally keep up private structures with numerous things, for example, painting, material, establishment and drywall. They will get open doors in business edifices, for example, multiskilled employable and support right hand.

10) ITI In Architectural Assistant.

This is practically like an expert course. Most of the work includes drawing and building undertakings. The idea of the activity incorporates inside structuring, site overseeing and compositional specialist.

Can I do iti course after 12th?

ITI Course after 12th.

If you have passed 12th grade and you are thinking of making a diploma then you will have two options. If you had taken physics chemistry and math in 12th grade then you can get admission in polytechnic for the second year and for two years.

You can get your diploma in the second place that you can take admission in Iti and whatever trade you have for the 10th grade. He and some of the following trade can take you after passing the 12th grade.

  • Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (COPA)
  • Stenography English
  • Stenography Hindi

So if you have passed the 12th grade then there are lots of options and fields of diploma in front of you. Now you are interested in any field, diploma related to the area such as if you are interested in the computer, you can You can do diploma related to computer.

What is the benefit of ITI course?

The biggest advantage of doing ITI is that you can get a job after getting a diploma in ITI after doing 10th or 8th grade. In other areas, you have to do a lot of education and have to give a lot of tests, then you get a job, but in ITI, if you get a 2 year diploma in any one year, then you Government and private jobs get very quickly and quickly.

What is the benefit of ITI course
What is the benefit of ITI course

If you and your friend have done class X and your friend is studying in class 11 and you are doing any iti course after 12th. diploma, then after 2 years you can get a job. advantages of iti courses. Your friend will pass only in twelfth grade, after 12th class, your friend can do a degree.

You can continue your studies after getting a job. And you can also achieve the degree along with the job. So when your friend will achieve the degree. Then you will have the degree and experience of your work, on this basis your salary will be more than your friend.

The specialty of ITI course.

  • The duration of the ITI course is 1-2 years, that is, it is completed in less time.
  • There are many types of trades in iti course after 12th means that if you have many options you can choose the course you want.
  • Its cost is affordable, this is not a more expensive course.
  • ITI passes in a large number of young recruits so that you get employment immediately after completion of the course.

CTI after ITI.

If you want to work as a teacher in ITI after doing ITI. You will have to do this for the CTI (Central Training Institute For Instructors) course. This course is not for all traders, it can only be done by a particular trade person. And the CTI course is of 1 year.

But to pursue a course of CTI, you must have a National Trade Certificate only if you can give your application form for it. If you do not have National Trade Certificate then you must have a National Apprentice Certificate.
If you have a diploma in any branch polytechnic related to ITI, you can also give your application for CTI or C T I.

ITI Diploma After Job?

After doing an ITI diploma, the biggest question is where can we get a job. So if you have done an ITI diploma from Polytechnic then you will not have any problem with further studies. You can do further engineering. Now BTech can do after MTech.

But if you have done an ITI diploma from ITI, then you will have to go to the polytechnic to study further and then you will be able to do BTech and MTech. But after doing the iti course after 12th, there will be a lot of job options in front of you and you can also get government jobs. So if you do ITI diploma.

If you want to get a job then you can do iti diploma from Iti and as far as possible. You try to do ITI diploma with an electrical mechanical computer or civil branch. You will get a job from the same branch, which will give you ITI Diploma. Electrical ITI scope is more in these railways.

Salary after ITI Diploma?

In any field, you get salaries according to your position and according to your experience. If you have recently done an ITI diploma and want to get a job then you will get a job of 80000 to 10000 in the private company.

And you can get good salaries in government jobs, even if you have recently done ITI diploma. It depends on which post and which position you will be able to find a job.

Doing studies after ITI Diploma?

If you have done an ITI diploma and you want to continue your studies further, you will need to see that you have done the ITI Diploma from which institution, if you have done iti course after 12th, Diploma, Polytechnic, you can continue by doing B.Tech ahead of your studies or After that you can also do MTech.

But if you have done the ITI Diploma ITI then you will have to do polytechnics only then you can continue your studies. After doing ITI, the best option is to get you a job and continue your studies together, which will help you more.

In this post we have given you the complete information of ITI course, ITI Course List, ITI Courses after 10th, ITI Trade, Iti Ke Bad Diploma Iti Ke Baad Kya Karna Chahiye Iti Ke Baad Kya Course, Karna Chahiye Iti Ke Baad Kya Course Benefits from ITI, iti course after 12th fees, ITI scope in railways, advantages of iti course have given full information about what to do after ITI, if you want to know anything besides this, then definitely ask by commenting below.

Will you get jobs after the ITI?

The field of technology is growing, new companies and startups are being started, in this way the need for technical youth is increasing. iti course ke fayde, Every year there are thousands of recruitments of ITI holders in Indian Railways. In addition, a technician is required in almost every department.

That is, if you do ITI, then you are sure to get employment, many times the campus also selects students of 3rd SEM. According to our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, “Now IIT is not ITI’s need of the century”.

Apprentice after ITI

After doing it, you can also do handicrafts. You can gain experience in the field of handicap tax related to your business, from any trade you have done your ITI diploma. And the student who gets the assignment becomes easy enough to get a job and he can do his job very well.

Final Words : –

ITI is now slowly becoming a very popular course and it is going to increase ITI’s job scope in the coming time. If you are looking for such a course, it is best for you to get a good job in less time.

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