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Advantages and disadvantages of google assistant.

Hello friends, today’s post I will tell you about. how you can use Google Assistant And advantages and disadvantages. with our post, my name is Rajendra Singh and you, at the website.

What is google assistant?

Google Assistant is Google’s voice partner. when it was proposed that Google Assistants has developed Google’s current “OK Google” voice control, he intends to stay close to home.

Initially, Google Now cleverly hauled out important data for you. it knew where you worked your gatherings and touring plans, the game groups you enjoyed, and what intrigued you so it could give you data that made a difference to you.

Google has been a long time ago, Google Now is still working in the same place. Adding these customized components to the broad scope of sound control. Google will discuss this by supporting supportive materials and sound paths and both. Which section would you like to use?

Google Assistants is a conversational, voice-initiator or computerized collaborator created by Google. Which can give the client their answer and give logical data?

Like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa is a voice-opening ally. It’s incorporated with more current Android telephones like the Google Pixel 3 and 3A. It likewise controls the Google Home line of shrewd speakers and brilliant presentations like the Google Nest Hub (in the past the Google Home Hub).

Google Assistants is the voice that addresses you and answers your inquiries at whatever point you state the wake words “ok Google” and “Hello, Google.” Say those words to a good gadget, and you can order Google Assistant to peruse you a formula, set a clock, check your schedule, give you headings or control your brilliant home gadgets.

How to work google assistant?

If you want to use it, then you just have to install the Google Assistants app on your phone. And then the update to Google App And you can enjoy it.

  1. First of all, you open the Google Assistant app and it will create a symbol of Voice.
  2. Then click on it and ask your assistant to ask the assistant.
  3. And wait a bit after that and after a few seconds, you will hear a voice.
  4. Your voice will be in that voice, sometimes in response to Google Assistants, YouTube’s video can be either a webpage for a website.

Google Assist Device.

If you buy a Google Assistants device or you want to buy it, you can also do this online. And put them in one place and ask any questions from them.

Top 6 advantages of Google assistant.

  1. Open Apps.
  2. Find Near Places.
  3. Play Songs.
  4. Book Movie Tickets.
  5. Google Image Search.
  6. find quick information.

1) Open Apps.

With the help of Google Assistant, you can open any app. Without clicking All you have to do is call the name of that app by speaking Ok Google. And it will open that app easily on your phone.

2) Find Near Places.

Google’s assistant can also search for places near you. If you have to go to a nearby restaurant or hotel nearby. But you do not know which restaurant is nearby in your place. So with this help, you will be able to find it immediately by searching this.

3) Play Songs.

If you are driving or going on a road trip. Can not play more phones You can also play it in the mic by playing with the help of it. You only have to speak Play Music on Google Assistants.

4) Book Movie Tickets.

Friends can help you book Movie Ticket too. You can work this comfortably by sitting at home. You will not even need to get in any line. Just open it to Google Assistant. Whose ticket is to book. He’ll talk about it. Your work will be done.

5) Google Image Search.

If you want to see any image on Google, you just have to say Google Image in the mic on Google Assistants App. And Google Images will come in front of you.

6) find quick information.

  • With this help, you can find the temperature anywhere. or can it work as a lot
  • Currency conversion,
  • Weather conditions,
  • Opening any website,
  • Changes in a unit of measurement,
  • Translation, etc.

Top 6 disadvantages of Google assistant.

  1. It will not work without a net.
  2. Hindi not fully supported.
  3. Hang on your mobile.
  4. Maximum battery use.
  5. Heat your mobile.
  6. High data use.
Top 6 disadvantages of Google assistant
Top 6 disadvantages of Google assistant

1) Will not work without a net.

Google Assistant will work only by connecting to the Internet. If you run it without the internet or if you ask something then this will not work. Friends will work only when your mobile is connected to the internet and its mobile application is on your mobile, then it will only work.

2) Hindi not fully supported.

Friends, Google Assistant does not fully support Hindi. If you ask for some words in Hindi that are not always used, Google Assistants can not answer it.

3) Hang on your mobile.

To run Google Assistant, your mobile must be the latest app for Google and the latest version of Google Assistants. If you use it, your mobile’s storage and RAM are full or mobile hangs up. For this reason, you can not use it well. There are many problems with using your mobile.

4) Maximum battery use.

Friends, if you use the Google Assistant app in your mobile, then your mobile battery gets down very quickly due to which you have to charge the mobile again and again because the Google-Assistant app is 24 hours a day because of the Battery life of your mobile decreases.

5) Heat your mobile.

Friends, if you use a lot of Google Assistant, your mobile phone gets hot very quickly, due to which the problem starts in the mobile and the battery becomes very quickly down.

6) High data use.

Friends, if you use Google Assist in a lot of amounts, then your mobile internet ends very quickly. So that you have to recharge again and again. Because it lasts 24 hours and it keeps waiting for your command.

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