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farming with the tractor, farming tractor advantage, and disadvantages

Hello Friends, India has made a lot of progress in terms of technology at the present time. Different types of instruments have been made for different types of tasks. In today’s time, there is no such thing which cannot be done without instruments.

We have to cook, different types of appliances like gas, induction, solar cooker etc. Bicycles, buses, motorcycles, scooters, taxis, railways, airplanes, seaports etc. are used if you want to go from one place to another. Similarly, India has achieved many achievements in the technical field, India has made many inventions in the field of agriculture.

In 2017, India has just invented a mini tractor for mountainous parts in the agricultural sector, named as “Rico Italy power tiller mini tractor”. Its price is around 90000 to 95000 rupees.

Mini tractor

Some of its features are as follows.

  • It is 80 kg in weight.
  • It runs on the petrol engine.
  • It has a manual gear system.
  • An Airfilter has been used in this.
  • Despite being a two-wheeled tractor, reverse gear is used.

Benefits of farming with a mini tractor

  • Saves time If the tractor plots four fields in 2 hours, then the same four fields will be plowed by oxen in 6 hours.
  • They do their work with fuel only.
  • These require only their blades, no need to carry other tools.

Disadvantages of mini tractor farming

  • Fuel is consumed indiscriminately.
  • Since the mini tractor runs on fuel, there is a possibility of air pollution.
  • Its blades do not dig deep enough, reducing the fertile capacity of the grain.

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