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Advantages of banana and 20 banana nutrition list

Hello friends, in today’s post, I will tell you what are the Advantages of banana. And how to eat it, at what time to eat and how much should be eaten. 20 banana nutrition list and I will give you all the information in this post, so stay tuned with this post, my name is Rajendra and you are seeing so let’s start.

So whenever it comes to any cheap and better fruit, only one name comes on our tongue and that name is banana. Yes, friends, eating bananas is very beneficial. The banana is very cheap. And at the same time, it is available in your vicinity for 12 months. Banana proves to be very beneficial for health. And bananas are very helpful and beneficial in increasing weight and removing leanness and keeping the body energy intact.

Advantages of banana
Advantages of banana

Top 6 advantages of banana

  1. Appetite-suppressant
  2. Helpful in reducing weight
  3. Correcting blood flow
  4. Reducing energy shortage
  5. .The stomach’s digestive agent
  6. For a healthy and healthy body


Friends, banana is a fruit that helps us fill our stomach very quickly. It takes tasty to eat other fruits. But they do not fill their stomach quickly. But the banana is one such fruit. Whenever you feel hungry or want to satisfy your hunger. Drink about 2 to 3 bananas. And it will fill your stomach very easily. And the banana exhausts the necessary energy of the body. That is why people who take fast and during travel, most of the people like to eat bananas.

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Helpful in reducing weight

Friends, if you too like other people think that eating bananas increases weight, then change your thinking from today. Because bananas contain calories but they are also beneficial. And by eating bananas, our body gets many nutrients along with calories. So from today onwards, because of the benefits of eating bananas for health, definitely give place to bananas.

Remove other diets that increase weight and have no benefit. Bananas have a natural sweetness. And that fulfills your desire to eat sweets. Oh, many times this happens to weight watchers. That they want to eat something very sweet from inside. But in such a situation, they eat some chocolate or sweets that have a lot of calories. And there are also no nutrients. So they spoil your hard work. At such a time, eat bananas and you will get the full benefit. Bananas contain a lot of fiber, which makes you feel hungry fast and feels full.

Correcting blood flow

If you have any problem related to blood pressure then you must eat banana. Because banana helps in correcting impurities in our blood. And helps in maintaining the correct flow of blood in the body. Banana can easily diagnose blood problems. So from today start fighting bananas to fight any problems related to your blood.

Reducing energy shortage

Banana fulfills the essential energy needs of our body. and bananas have very beneficial elements. And which is able to fulfill the requirement of the body. And many times when we are very tired and we need a lot of energy, then eat bananas, eating two to three bananas every day will easily fulfill our daily needs. So whenever you feel the need of energy, do not forget to eat bananas. List of 20 banana nutrition-

The stomach’s digestive agent

Friends, today most diseases are related to our stomach. If your stomach is fine then you stay healthy. and the healing of the stomach affects your health. And eating bananas make our digestion process better. And bananas are very easy to eat and are easier to digest. It removes many stomach related disorders. And diagnoses the problem of gas and indigestion. And after eating a meal the food is easily digested by eating a banana.

For a healthy and healthy body

Friends, bananas have many beneficial elements. Which helps in increasing our body weight. And banana keeps our digestion fine. Due to which we eat and drank well in our body. And when you eat food in the body, then you will see its effect. Eating two to three bananas every day for 2 to 3 months continuously will increase your weight significantly. And not only does it increase the weight, but it also controls your fat. And that is a very good feature of it. List of 20 banana nutrition-

20 banana nutrition list in this post. bananas have many beneficial elements
Top 6 advantages of banana

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List of nutrients found in banana-

1.Energy90 Calorie4.5%
2.Carbohydrate22.84 gram18%
3.Protein1.09 gram2%
4.Total fat0.33 gram1%
5.dietary fiber2.60 gram7%
6.Vitamin a64IU2%
7.Vitamin c8.7 mg15%
8.Vitamin e0.10 mg1%
9.Vitamin k0.5 ug1%
10.Sodium1 mg0%
11.Potassium358 mg8%
12.Calcium5 mg0.5%
13.Copper0.078 mg8%
14.Iron0.26 mg2%
15.Magnesium27 mg7%
16.Manganese0.270 mg13%
17.Phosphorus22 mg3%
18.Selenium1.0 ug2%
19.Zinc0.15 mg1%
20.Thiamin0.031 mg2%

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