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The advantages and disadvantages of laptop

Laptops or computers have become one of the best means of sharing information in today’s era. And computers and the Internet together have made most of the work of people all over the world very easy. So there are some tasks which used to be impossible even a few years ago. But in the present day, it has started very easily. i am showing The advantages and disadvantages of laptops.

Computers(laptop) are being used very much in every field today. Whether it is a hospital, post office, factory, or house to house, we humans are drifting in the spirit of this technology. But have we ever thought that what are the benefits of computers and any damage is happening to us?

What is a laptop? Perhaps you are aware of this. But if it is not, then we will tell what is the laptop through the medium of this article and its advantages and disadvantages. The development of technology has made our life very easy with laptops or computers and in today’s time, humans are completely dependent on technology and must be doing all their work with these gadgets. For example, we use phones, radios, cars, planes, trains.

The advantages and disadvantages of laptop

In such a situation, we definitely use computers to do our office work or any of our other work. At the same time, old things have started happening because desktop computers can stay in one place and it takes a lot of trouble and trouble to move them from one place to another. Laptops were invented to solve this problem. Meaning devices inside Desktop Computer are made in very small sizes.

This led to a reduction in its full size and weight. The computer itself is called a laptop with these small components. We can use laptops anytime and anywhere. So let’s give you the advantages and disadvantages of laptops.

advantages of laptop

  1. The laptop is in a small size.
  2. Laptops have long battery life.
  3. A laptop is a portable device.
  4. The webcam is already fitted in it.
  5. Full Entertainment

the laptop is in small size

The first Compared to a computer, the size of a laptop is very small, the work that you do on a computer, you can do the same work on a laptop. It looks beautiful due to its small size.

Laptops have long battery life.

A laptop battery lasts for a long time, it does not run with live electricity like a computer. It runs from the battery, just like your mobile phone. And for this reason, you can run it for a long time, especially during travel, it is very useful. A normal laptop can last for three to five hours.

A laptop is a portable device.

A laptop is a portable device. And you can move the laptop from one place to another very easily. You do not have any problem with this. And you can use it anywhere and anytime.

The webcam is already fitted in it.

Users in Friends Desktop very much need Webcam. But internal Webcam is not available on desktop. Has to be installed separately. At the same time, an integrated webcam is already available on the laptop, so we do not need an external camera at all. With this, we can easily do video calling and etc.

Full Entertainment

The laptop For entertainment, the laptop is considered to be the best because all the devices are already built in it. However, whatever it is, use laptops for work like education, music, movies or pictures, etc. It is also used with complete ease according to entertaining gadgets.

disadvantages of laptop

  1. Laptops is also not good for our health.
  2. Very Expensive
  3. laptop is difficult to repair.
  4. It can be easily stolen
  5. It is more likely to go bad.

laptops is also not good for our health.

Friends, when it comes to our health, then everything comes later. By using more laptops, it affects our health a little bit, such as in our eyes, hands, feet, backbone, etc. At the same time, we also have chances of getting many diseases.

Very Expensive

Laptops are more expensive than other computers. Because the desktop of the same configuration is easily available to you at low prices.

Laptop is difficult to repair.

All the things in it are very small and all the things are installed inside the laptop, so it is not very easy to repair. Compared to Desktop, its components are also more expensive. Apart from this, computer experts also charge you more due to difficulty in repairing.

It can be easily stolen

These electronic devices are very portable, so anyone can steal them very easily. While portability is also an advantage, it is also a big disadvantage for its security.

It is more likely to go bad.

Because it is an electronic device, if any liquid etc. falls in it accidentally, then the laptop can be damaged immediately. It is also necessary to take it from one place to another. Otherwise, it can also cause device damage.

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