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Disadvantages of mango

Hello, friends In today’s post I will tell you about the disadvantages of mango fruit (cons of mango). how does this affect your body. How much of your meals should you eat? And at what time should I eat. And in the benefit of its previous post, you must read that post. So, if you are going to tell me the 7 top disadvantages of eating mangoes, then let’s start. And in Rajendra Singh from Uttarakhand and you are looking at

Disadvantages of mango
Disadvantages of mango

Top 6 cons of mango

The species of this fruit was first found only in the Indian subcontinent. After this gradually it started spreading in other countries. Most of it is produced in India. And it is considered to be national fruit in India, Pakistan, and MB and its tree in Bangladesh also receives national tree status. let me tell you that there are more than 20 mineral and vitamins found in mangoes.
Let us know the advantages of the king of fruits, which diseases can help us easily overcome. It is available in the market during the summer season. There are mainly 12 types of pros and cons of eating mango in India. Its original species is also called Indian mango. Mango species are called Mangifera.

  1. Sore throat and pulse can increase.

    consuming an excess of mango gets worn out in the throat, it occurs when the head of the mango is not cleaned properly or its light is not removed from the fluid. In general, fat is also in great quantity, which can increase the intake of more than enough, to reduce the intake of mangoes.

  2. Diabetes and heat may occur in eating mango.

    Excessive intake of blood sugar levels can be increased due to which diabetes can occur. High intake of it can increase the heat in the body, to reduce the intake of mango so that you can stop the heat created in the body.

  3. There may be diarrhea or odd fever.

    Fiber also contains a good amount of amounts, which can cause severe diarrhea due to diarrhea. Consumption of mango in excess quantity can lead to stomach ache fever. Hence, drinking milk in such a way only gives a benefit.

  4. High intake of raw mango and milk after raw mango.

    Excessive consumption of raw mango can lead to diseases such as eye disease, nausea, dream defects, etc. So if you are consuming raw mango, then reduce it. Never consume milk after consuming raw mango, it can cause harm to you.

  5. There can be allergic and arthritis.

    People who are allergic to the pros and cons of eating mango food, their eyes get water, the nose starts flowing, and respiratory problems are also increased. Arthritis should reduce the intake of mangoes if you consume it, your disease may increase, so consult the doctor before taking it. Know: Treatment of Arthritis.

  6. Commonly kept in the fridge

    Never eat any mango kept in the fridge, as it is kept in the fridge destroying nutrients present in it. ( join facebook page)

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