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Advantages and disadvantages of dobra chanti bridge (suspension bridge)

Dobra chanti bridge

Dobra chanti Bridge is a bridge between two villages named Dobra and chanti in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand. The total length of the bridge is 725 meters, of which the suspension bridge is 440 meters. At the same time, a 260 meter Dobra side and 25-meter approach bridge has been built towards chanti.

The width of this bridge is 7 meters. On which vehicles run at 5 meters, and sidewalks are built on both sides on 1-1 meter wide. This bridge was inaugurated by CM Trivendra Singh Rawat on 7 August 2019. An international tender was drawn for the design of this bridge. A total of 1 billion 25 crores has been spent on the construction of this bridge.

Advantages and disadvantages of dobra chanti bridge (suspension bridge)

Features of Dobra chanti Bridge

People come from abroad to visit this bridge.
Decorations of colorful lights have been done on this bridge, which changes every 10 seconds.
It is also a pleasure to see this bridge during the day, but at night the beauty of this bridge increases even more due to the lights.
It is considered to be the longest bridge in India.
This bridge is also known as “suspension bridge”.

The benefits of the Dobra chanti bridge

The construction of Dobra chanti Bridge opened the way for the movement of the Pratapnagar block, which was destroyed due to the formation of the Tehri Dam.
After the construction of this bridge, it turned into a tourist spot.
The people of Dobra and chanti got employment opportunities. They opened small dhabas here and started earning a lot of compensation.
Here in the summer adventures like boating are done.

Damage due to the construction of Dobra silver bridge

Since people come to visit this place due to being a tourist place, they come here and eat garbage and throw things like garbage and throw it away.
Light is heavily consumed by the decorations of the lights on this bridge.

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