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disadvantages of plastic in points

Hello friends, in today’s article I am going to tell you about the harm caused by the use of plastic. If I will tell you all these disadvantages of using plastic step by step, then read this article completely to know about it. I am Rajendra Singh and you are watching

what are the disadvantages of using plastic

  1. End slowly.
  2. Production of poisonous gases upon burning.
  3. Harmful to human life.
  4. Quick thaw.
  5. environmental pollution.
  6. Water pollution
End slowly,  Production of poisonous gases upon burning,  Harmful to human life,  Quick thaw,  environmental pollution,  Water pollution, read more.
disadvantages of plastic in points

End slowly.

Friends, the advantages and disadvantages of plastic is very high. Its durability is beneficial. But when it comes to safety, it becomes plastic. When it comes to decomposition. It is hard to break. This means that the river, rivulets and the seas that are affected by plastic will have to suffer big loss in the long run. And marine creatures can also die as a result. And the pollution of the land increases. It also has a very bad effect on our air.

Production of poisonous gases upon burning.

Friends, plastic is not only harmful to human life, but it is also harmful for our environment. And wild animals are also harmful here. Because it cannot decompose quickly. And to be composted it is either buried and either lit. Due to which it has become a major cause of pollution. And if it is lit. So the toxic gases produced from this cause great harm to our lives and also pollute our environment. And if this is buried, it also spoils our land. Due to which the land is not fertile, due to which it becomes barren. And there is no cultivation.

Harmful to human life.

It not only pollutes the environment, but it hurts most of the animals and human life. Due to which many diseases arise. In which the biggest disease is cancer. Nowadays, plastic is being used in large quantities in many products. Some amount of which also reaches our body. And it takes the form of a major disease. Due to which hundreds of people also die every year. And due to this, many creatures kill many animals every year.

Quick thaw.

As you might know, plastic melts only at very low temperatures. Which spreads here. And the gases produced from this greatly affect our environment and human life. And this also causes the melting fluid to damage. Nowadays cheap utensils are made of plastic in the market. And when people eat hot food in these utensils. So in a small amount, he melts the plastic and goes into their body together with their food. Due to which they have to face many diseases.

environmental pollution.

We all know that excessive use of plastic causes great harm to our environment, which pollutes our air and ground and water very much. Due to which slowly the earth is moving towards destruction. And due to which the risk of global warming is also increasing. And the rhythm of the sea is spreading. Which is not right for our life. The less it is used, the better it will be.

Water pollution.

Friends, the maximum part of the entire earth rests on water. And plastic is contaminating the water. So it is ending life as well. Yes, friends because water is very less to drink. And this plastic is contaminating the same water. Because of which thousands of fauna die in rivers and oceans. And it affects our climate change. Friends, if you want to save water. So plastic will have to be used sparingly. Because plastic will be less than water and the environment will be less contaminated.

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