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Advantages and disadvantages of GSAT 30

Friends, in this new article of today, you are being told about (GSAT 30). This project by ISRO is scheduled to be launched on 17 January. I am going to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of GSAT 30, this satellite. So definitely read this article from beginning to last. And my name is Rajendra and you are watching

GSAT 30 satellite launching.

Friends ISRO will launch GSAT 30 from the European spaceport in French Guiana on 14 January. It is the first satellite of 2020 in India. ISRO scheduled to launch a high-throughput communication satellite.

About GSAT 30

It will be installed at Xiao Orbit 42 minutes after launch. It weighs 3450 kg. has 2 solar panels and a battery.

Advantages and disadvantages of GSAT 30
Advantages and disadvantages of GSAT 30

Advantages of GSAT 30

  1. Communication will be stronger.
  2. New revolution in internet technology.
  3. Will work for 15 years.
  4. Extremely powerful communication satellite.
  5. GSAT 30 trains run on time.

Communication will be stronger.

GSAT 30 is a communication satellite. This will speed up the communication system across India. This satellite will greatly improve the communication system in rural areas. Communication will be established in every corner of India. And it will work in many areas. Such as the internet, telecommunications, railways, airplane tracking and accurate weather information. And many other areas this satellite will work.

New revolution in internet technology.

At present, the internet system is not running smoothly in the whole of India. There are many such places in India, where the internet is still not reached. And where it is reached, its strength and speed are very less. To get rid of this problem, GSAT 30 is being launched. This will bring a new revolution in Internet technology. And the internet system will be running smoothly in every corner of the country. The rural areas will get a big benefit from this.

Will work for 15 years.

Friends, this satellite has 4 meter long solar panels, with the help of which it will keep charging and it will continue to work for India for 15 years. It will be installed in space in the jio electrical orbit. Which will provide high multi-beam all over India.

Extremely powerful communication satellite.

Friends, this satellite is the most powerful satellite of the GSET series. It will provide multi-beam coverage across India. So that the internet system will be able to run fast in the whole of India. And with its help, it will provide us with accurate weather information, rescue operation, television uplink, GSET network, digital satellite, newsgathering, dth television.

GSAT 30 trains run on time.

GSAT will prove to be very effective for training 30 trains. This will make it easier to track the correct location of trains. And trains will be arranged in a timely manner. And this will make communication and navigation very easy. So that the delay of trains will be very less.

Accurate weather information.

So far, the weather could not be accurately predicted. But after the launch of GSAT 30, accurate weather information will reach you. Which will be able to forecast the weather and will be very helpful in the rescue operations. and many more benefits.

Disadvantages of GSAT 30

  1. It is very expensive.
  2. Too long to make.
  3. Too much radiation.!

It is very expensive.

Friends, these satellites are very expensive. Their budget is millions of crores of rupees. These devices are very expensive. With the help of which they are able to do this work. Any malfunction in these devices can cause the entire mission to fail. Due to which there may be a loss of millions of crores of rupees.

Too long to make.

Friends, it takes a lot of money and time to make all these satellites. And it takes a lot of hard work for our scientists as well. And if there is any mistake in it. So this is a waste of our money as well as time. But it also gives us some lessons.

Too much radiation.!

Its benefits are many, but it also has its disadvantages. Like radiation, yes friends, this satellite works at very high frequency. So that a lot of radiation is produced around us. Which can have an impact on our future generation and health. and etc losses.

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