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Advantages and disadvantages of social media.

Hello, friends In today’s post I will tell you which are the 6 biggest benefits and disadvantages of social media. How you should use it, how much damage can you get from using it. If you will give all this information in this post, then this post will be absolutely necessary. And my name is Rajendra and you are watching. then let’s start. I will show the top 6 Pros and cons of social media. advantages of social media showdown.

What is social media?
What is social media?

What is social media?

Hello friends, It would not be wrong to say that Social Media’s existence is due to the Internet. Because social media runs from the internet itself. And on the Internet, there are some world-famous websites that have made us all aware of social media. And it includes many social website names such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, Snapechat, etc. and I will show the top 6 disadvantages of social media. so read my full post.

All these websites together make social media in the internet era. And today Social Media has become a tool where the common man can keep his heart in front of the world. And it does not have to work hard for it. In today’s era, social media is not an unknown word for anyone. Because it is growing in time or children, everyone knows.

Through social media, now all the information and needs of the world are just one click away. And by the way social media, where it first emerged as a boon. But due to its increasingly negative impact, social media is becoming a curse now. But with the increasing influence of social media, we do not want to keep ourselves away from it.

Friends, social media is an unorthodox media. It creates a virtual world that can access the internet. Social media is a huge network that keeps the whole world connected. And it is also a very good medium of communication. It involves the exchange of information in fast, which contains news of every field.

The social media plays a positive role so that any person, institution, group, and country can be made financially, socially, culturally and politically rich. There have been many such developmental works through social media. That has helped to strengthen democracy. And by which there has been an increase in the unity, integrity, secularism, socialistic qualities of any country.

We see many such examples, which reinforce the above-mentioned things in which ‘INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION’ can be seen, which was a great campaign against corruption. Which was also fought on the streets along with social media. Due to which the huge mass group Anna Hazare was associated with the movement and made it effective.

During the 2014 general elections, political parties had played an important role in making social media aware of the elections by using social media. And in this general election, increasing the voting percentage by using social media, as well as increasing awareness of elections in the youth. A large number of young people came to the streets to get ‘Nirbhaya’ justice through social media. So that the government was under pressure to come under pressure to make a new and more effective law.

In the spread of popularity, social media is a great platform, where a person can make himself or his product more popular. The trailer and TV programs of today’s films are also being broadcasted through social media. Video and audio chats have also been facilitated through social media, including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. and show the top 6 Pros and cons of social media.

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What are the top 5 social media sites?

Friends are here to tell you on whatever list. That’s the most used Facebook. So let’s know in detail. How much is being used?

Friends, Facebook is the most popular social media website on the internet today. But whether it is the user or the brand’s Facebook is the forefront. Facebook’s use of the month is more than 2.2 billion.

Today, those who do not know YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing website. Where people upload their videos by creating their account. If you have another search engine on the Internet after Google, it is youtube itself. YouTube has approximately 1.5 billion users per month.

Instagram has been used mostly to share friends and photos. The month of Instagram is approximately 80 million users.

There will be no need to tell you about Vatsapp because today everyone is a smartphone user. And especially if WhatsApp is a user. Whatsapp is about 70 million users of the month.
Today Whatsapp is an instant messaging application used in smartphones, computer laptops, and tablets.

Friends, if you talk about Twitter, then many people think that people can not use it too much. But those who know a bit about Twitter. They think that there is a limit of 140 characters, so what does it use? Today’s Twitter user’s user is about 30 million.

The snippet is a multimedia mobile application that has been created by Reggie Brown. There are about 30 million users in the month of Snachchat. When you send a snap to someone with it, then it gets deleted automatically.

Reddit is a website for publishing a discussion and social news post and link. You can share a direct link or text post on it. Reddit was created in 2005 by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman. Reddit has about 27 million 50 million users per month.

Linkedin is one of the best websites to add more emphasis to professional people. This website is also available in about 20 languages. Its month is around 20 million users. It was made in 2002.

Pinterest is a website and mobile application. Which gives a boost to its user. Where they can pin their content. This was made in 2004. Its month is around 20 million users.

Advantages of social media.

Hello friends, I am going to tell you the six biggest benefits of social media, all this information will be given to you in this post and I am going to tell you about those 6 benefits, with this post. Top 6 Pros and Cons of social media. and this paragraph about the top 6 pros of social media.

Advantages of social media
Advantages of social media

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Top 6 pros of social media.

  1. Very fast communication: Friends, this is the first advantages of social media. through social media, we can talk to any relative or friend sitting away from us very easily or even face to face. And we can easily share our thoughts or feelings in a little while. The biggest advantage of this is a very good medium to bring our information from one place.
  2. Any data can be easily shared: Friends, we can send a lot of data files from one place to another through social media. Such as photos, videos, information, documents, etc. That too in a very short time, through the Internet, social media is a very good medium. Sharing your information or data etc. will save you a lot of time.
  3. Advertising through social media: Friends, if you have any brand and you want to do marketing then you will not get any good platform from social media. In social media, you can promote your marketing more. And if you can reach out to all the people in the social media that you want to target. For your marketing, you can use social media as a marketing tool.
  4. Create a community through social media: Friends, if you want to create a community or group. But for that, you lack the logos. So in this, you can use social media. In this, you will also find those people who you want to join your community In social media, you will find all kinds of people. And if you want to create a group or combo box, you can easily create it online through social media. And definitely connected to our facebook group. Hey down the link. Join a group: Online Help You – Home.
  5. The medium of entertainment: Friends, you can create many new friends on this. And you can also join the group to entertain yourself with some kind of hobby people. And nowadays, many groups like cricket, Shayari, film world, horticulture, cooking (cooking), horticulture, and fond of reading the book are there. With whom you can add more to your hobby. And in this way, social media is a powerful way of entertainment.
  6. Knowledge store: Friends, The last advantages of social media becomes a new repository of huge knowledge nowadays. And you can also read and see all kinds of information on it. And answer any question can ask from the Expert. In this way, it is also a store of knowledge. Nowadays big teachers, coaching, teachers, professors, etc. teach on social media such as YouTube. And it is absolutely free. Students can not afford to pay any money. Poor students can also read from here.

Disadvantages of social media.

Friends will tell you in this paragraph that what are the 6 biggest disadvantages of social media and will give you full information about them, how can you avoid the losses that you can make from which you can improve all of these The information will be given to you in this paragraph, then this post will definitely read. Top 6 Pros and Cons of social media. and this paragraph about the top 6 pros of social media.

Top 6 disadvantages of social media
Top 6 disadvantages of social media

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Top 6 cons of social media.

  1. Seeing the wrong things: We may get accustomed to watching provocative pictures and obscene pictures or videos and can either top 6 disadvantages of social mediae trapped in the trap of immorality. Reading the site or blog of people talking against the organization can weaken our faith.
  2. Health effect: Friends have penetrated like you and social media insects in our lives. Because of which we can not pay much attention to our health and because we keep on talking to social media in our spare time. And because of this, we can not keep our health in check and the excessive use of social media leads to our eyesight. To avoid this, you will greatly reduce the use of social media. Or, if necessary, will do it. Otherwise, your eyes will become very weak.
  3. Mobile warming: Friends of mobile phones have become very common today, because we keep using our mobile constantly and use a lot of Internet, due to which our mobile battery becomes very hot and our mobile too hot Due to which the mobile radiation also increases and it can prove to be very harmful to our health, Use the Internet in the mobile at least or use only when you need it.
  4. Spreading misinformation: Friends, everybody is using social media today. And nobody even misuses it. Misuse such as shares the wrong information. Or spreads misinformation, because of which people get confused and do not get the right information.
  5. wastage of time: Friends, many people spend hours on social media these days. And waste their time. Talk to friends on social media as much as they need. Otherwise, your body and your eyes may have to suffer a great deal of loss. Because chatting on social media for hours is the biggest pressure on our eyes. And our health also has a great effect on our mind. And our time is only wasted. So that we can not find time for other things.
  6. Comparing yourself on social media: Most of the people keep comparing themselves on social media. Seeing a video or a post with another person and their photos keep burning in mind. Because of which they have anxiety and satisfaction. And he can not stay happy. When it is due to social media. Because you spend too much time on social media talk with your friends as much as you need with your relatives and spend the rest of your time on other things.

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