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Disadvantages of Eating bananas

Hello friends, in this article of today, I am going to tell you what can be the disadvantages of banana and what can be the disadvantages of eating bananas in your body. I am going to give you all the information in this article. So this article will definitely be started from the beginning to the last and my name is Rajendra Singh and he is watching, so let’s start friends.

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Disadvantages of banana

  1. Increase in sugar content
  2. Early fall of teeth
  3. Weight gain hentai
  4. Protein deficiency
  5. Newborn baby gas problem home remedy
  6. Chance of hyperkalemia
Disadvantages of banana
Disadvantages of banana

Increase in sugar content

Friends, this is a first disadvantages of Eating banana. since about thirty decades of age, sugar continues to disadvantages the health of everyone. According to Harvard University, bananas are classified as mid-level glycemic foods. And this is what it means. That the glycemic index is high enough to change blood sugar levels. And moreover, due to the presence of similar sugar levels as well as fiber in bananas, it may take longer to digest than other fruits. This is not right from a healthy point of view.

Early fall of teeth

Friends, sugar has been considered the biggest reason for tooth breakage. And this can be due to excessive consumption of chocolate or sweetmeat. But do you know that banana is also responsible for tooth breakage? Yes this is because the starch dissolves slowly in the mouth. And the sugar dissolves rapidly. Apart from this, due to the consumption of foods like banana, the particles get stuck between the teeth. And they start attracting bacteria and cause cavities.

weight gain hentai

However, weight gain hentai banana is less calorie than a packet of your favorite chips or a box of cookies. Yet a banana usually contains about 100 to 120 calories. And so that your weight starts increasing rapidly. Many people consume excessive banana to gain weight.

Protein deficiency

Protein deficiency affects our body a lot. Proteins are actually very rare in bananas. Yes, you are sure, but a 100 gram banana contains about 1 gram of protein. Protein continues to play a major role in reducing obesity. And then less protein also increases the storage of fat and activity of enzymes.

Newborn baby gas problem home remedy

Newborn baby gas problem Excess intake of banana in home remedies leads to gas problems. Although not seriously, over-consumption of bananas causes gas problems, and this is due to two ingredients in the banana, such as soluble fiber and fructose. And both of them cooperate to give birth to gas.

Chance of hyperkalemia

Friends, the last disadvantages of banana. hyperkalemia is a serious health condition that can occur due to the consumption of too much potassium. And in this, symptoms like pulse irregular, nausea and cut in heart rate are seen. And in this way excessive intake of bananas makes you suffer from this problem. Because the banana is considered an absolute source of potassium. And hardly any other foods than bananas would have that much potassium.

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