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Disadvantages of online shopping

Hello friends, in this post today, I am going to tell you what online shopping is and What are the disadvantages of shopping online. And what are its biggest disadvantages? problems with shopping online. How can you avoid this? So stay in our post and I am Rajendra Singh from Uttarakhand and if you see then let’s start.

What is online shopping?

Friends, online shopping means that you can buy anything from digital medium sitting at home from any digital shop with the help of the internet, it is called online shopping. That is, if you go to a store to buy goods, then you buy something you like. This is also the same but the only difference is that the shop is in front of you. And in online shopping, the shop is on your phone or computer.

What is online shopping
What is online shopping

Friends, online shopping is a craze in today’s technology. Everyone is shopping online. Very keen to shop online. Online shopping has many advantages. But along with this, there is a lot of harm to them. Nowadays everyone wants to do online shopping.

Because online shopping takes much less time. And we can easily shop while sitting at home. Many people do online shopping for this reason. Because they have absolutely no time to go to the market. And either he wants to stay away from the crowd. If you also do online shopping, then know its disadvantages before shopping online.

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What are the disadvantages of online shopping?

  1. I cannot touch the stuff
  2. It may take time until the same reaches us
  3. Buy goods from an unknown seller
  4. Online shopping fraud
  5. Shipping charge on online Goods
  6. Use of card details
Disadvantages of online shopping
Disadvantages of online shopping

I cannot touch the stuff.

Friends, if you are among those who buy the product by looking or touching it well, then you cannot do this at all in online shopping. You can only see it and you can either imagine it. There are many things that once touched, it tells you whether to buy goods or not. I can’t touch the stuff.

It may take time until the same reaches us.

Friends, It may take time until the same reaches us. if any of you take the same from the shop, then you get the same at the same time. And you can use it at the same time. But when you order online shopping, then you have to wait for a few days. And your purchased equal comes in at least 4 to 5 days or more. And sometimes it does not even come.

Buy goods from an unknown seller.

If you have any problem in buying the same while shopping online, then you are the unknown seller from whom you have purchased goods for the first time through online shopping. You don’t know if he will help you or not. this condition is Buy goods from an unknown seller.

Online shopping fraud.

Friends, today most people continue shopping online. For which he uses the Internet, but tells us that there are only a few web sites that sell genuine goods. The rest of the Internet has many fake websites available, but before purchasing anything, it definitely gets the information about that company. There are more fake web sites on the Internet that reduce the value of goods and attract customers to them. And customers get caught in this greed and as a result, they fall prey to online deception.

Shipping charge on online Goods

Friends sometimes, on purchasing goods online, some online items charge more than the shipping charge. Whose value exceeds the value of the commodity. It is also called a robbery of the online market. These shipping charges are unreliable. So buy the goods carefully. Shipping charge on online Goods is a loss. problems with shopping.

Use of card details

Friends, if you are shopping online, then you have to pay with your card or internet banking while shopping, so many companies now save card details while making payment. And this makes the payment easily at the next time of shopping. And money is deducted from your account. Never save your credit or debit card details anywhere and on any shopping website or app. This is not correct in terms of security.

What are the problems in online shopping?

Friends, there are a lot of problems while shopping online. Some of its problems are main and I have listed all those problems in the list below.

  • Low internet problem.
  • refund to late.
  • late delivery problem.
  • high shipping charges.
  • payment failed.
  • warranty claim.
  • unsafe bank balance.

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