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Disadvantages of coronavirus

Hello friends, in today’s article you are going to tell about the Disadvantages of corona virus, So if you want to know then read this article. And I am looking for your friend Rajendra Singh, Let’s start.

What is coronavirus?

Friends, the coronavirus is a very dangerous virus. Which has not been seen before today. The corona virus belongs to a family of viruses whose infection can cause many other problems such as severe colds and shortness of breath. The coronavirus was never seen before.

Therefore, we do not have the proper medicines to fight this virus. Therefore, the person who comes in contact with it becomes free. The infection of the virus began in December in Wuhan, China. According to the WHO, it has some symptoms like fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, and so far no vaccine has been discovered to stop the virus from spreading.

Disadvantages of coronavirus
Disadvantages of coronavirus

Top 10 Disadvantages of coronavirus.

  1. Rapid infection.
  2. Severe headache.
  3. Coughing.
  4. Sore throat.
  5. Fever.

Rapid infection.

Friends, first disadvantages of the corona virus. and coronavirus has become a very fast-spreading virus. Or the coronavirus is spreading from an infected person to another person by sneezing. And if this virus will happen in animals also, then it is growing faster than their meat intake.

Severe headache.

If a coronavirus enters the body, then there is a severe headache in his head. And it also lasts for a long time due to which a person may have to suffer a lot of pain. And for this reason, he can also have his death.

Rapid Coughing.

Friends, the very first cough starts before the corona virus is hit. Due to which there is a lot of difficulty in breathing. And along with this, the nose also starts flowing.

Sore throat.

With the arrival of this disease, there is a gradual sore throat. Due to which there may be pain in the throat. And it can also cause infection.


The first symptom of this virus entering the body is that a person has a fever and simultaneously has a cold and a sore throat. And if this hunger remains for more than 3 days, then it gives rise to a major disease. And due to which he may also die.

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