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Advantages of social media

What is social media?

Friends, social media is an unorthodox media. It creates a virtual world that can access the internet. Social media is a huge network that keeps the whole world connected. And it is also a very good medium of communication. It involves the exchange of information in fast, which contains news of every field.
The social media plays a positive role so that any person, institution, group, and country can be made financially, socially, culturally and politically rich. There have been many such developmental works through social media. That has helped to strengthen democracy. And by which there has been an increase in the unity, integrity, secularism, socialistic qualities of any country.

We see many such examples, which reinforce the above-mentioned things in which ‘INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION’ can be seen, which was a great campaign against corruption. Which was also fought on the streets along with social media. Due to which the huge mass group Anna Hazare was associated with the movement and made it effective.
During the 2014 general elections, political parties had played an important role in making social media aware of the elections by using social media. And in this general election, increasing the voting percentage by using social media, as well as increasing awareness of elections in the youth. A large number of young people came to the streets to get ‘Nirbhaya’ justice through social media. So that the government was under pressure to come under pressure to make a new and more effective law.
In the spread of popularity, social media is a great platform, where a person can make himself or his product more popular. The trailer and TV programs of today’s films are also being broadcasted through social media. Video and audio chats have also been facilitated through social media, including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.What is social media?

Friends will tell you in today’s post. What are the benefits of running social media? top 6 advantages of social media. How long you can use it, I am going to tell all the advantages of its use in this post. So read this post to us. And my name is Rajendra and you are watching

So let’s know what are the benefits of social media. Friends, the trend of social media has increased a lot in recent times, we have started to like this method to be social. And now it does not seem necessary to talk or meet face-to-face.

Because all are active on social media, they even tell their talk. And also listen to others. Why not talk about the advantages of social media and why not, here are some of the losses due to this. So let’s know today about the advantages and disadvantages of social 6 advantages of using social media.

  1. Very fast communication.

    Friends, through social media, we can talk to any relative or friend sitting away from us very easily or even face to face. And we can easily share our thoughts or feelings in a little while. The biggest advantage of this is a very good medium to bring our information from one place to another in a very short time.Advantages of social media

  2. Any data can be easily shared.

    Friends, we can send a lot of data files from one place to another through social media. Such as photos, videos, information, documents, etc. That too in a very short time, through the Internet, social media is a very good medium. Sharing your information or data etc. will save you a lot of time.

  3. Advertising through social media.

    Friends, if you have any brand and you want to do marketing then you will not get any good platform from social media. In social media, you can promote your marketing more. And if you can reach out to all the people in the social media that you want to target. For your marketing, you can use social media as a marketing tool.

  4. Create a community through social media.

    Friends, if you want to create a community or group. But for that, you lack the logos. So in this, you can use social media. In this, you will also find those people who you want to join in your community. And in social media, you will find all kinds of people. And if you want to create a group or combo box, you can easily create it online through social media. And definitely connected to our facebook group. Hey down the link.
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  5. The medium of entertainment.

    Friends, you can create many new friends on this. And you can also join the group to entertain yourself with some kind of hobby people.
    And nowadays, many groups like cricket, Shayari, film world, horticulture, cooking (cooking), horticulture, and fond of reading the book are there. With whom you can add more to your hobby. And in this way, social media is a powerful way of entertainment.

  6. Knowledge store.

    Friends, social media has become a new repository of huge knowledge nowadays. And you can also read and see all kinds of information on it. And answer any question can ask from the Expert. In this way, it is also a store of knowledge. Nowadays big teachers, coaching, teachers, professors, etc. teach on social media such as YouTube. And it is absolutely free. Students can not afford to pay any money. Poor students can also read from here.

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