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Solar energy pros and cons

Friends, in this article of today, I am going to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy,(Solar energy pros and cons) whether it is safe to apply at home or not. You will get the information about all the topics in this article, so stay with this article and my name is Rajendra Singh and you are watching

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What is solar energy?

Friends, solar energy is created by converting solar energy from rays received from the sun. And it is also known as solar power. And the energy that comes from the sun. Converting it into electrical energy is called solar energy. It is used in many large factories and also in many small and large works. Apart from this, today solar energy is being used in many fields like cooking, electricity, driving motor etc.

What is solar energy
What is solar energy

explanation of solar energy

Friends, India with a population of more than 1 billion people, are grappling with many problems such as a fast-growing economy and a huge supply of energy. And India ranks fifth in terms of electricity generation worldwide. India has made considerable improvements. The field of electricity. Generation in the last several years, but we cannot deny. The fact that the population of the country is also increasing rapidly.

Coal accounts for 53% of most of the electricity in the country. Due to in which it is predicted that after 2040-50. The country will be gradually ending coal reserves. and about 72% of India’s population lives in villages. And some of them are even in villages where basic facilities like electricity are not available even today. and this is the right time for the country to focus on energy efficiency, conservation and new sources of energy. And solar energy is going to be one of the best ways to meet the growing demand for energy requirements in India.

Solar energy pros and cons

Friends, in the list given below. You have been told. 6 Major advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. They are explained in full detail. Do read all those important information.

Solar energy pros and cons
Solar energy pros and cons

pros of Solar energy

  1. Not dependent on other sources of energy
  2. Solar energy is pollution-free
  3. Minimal maintenance
  4. Safer than other
  5. renewable energy
  6. Maximum usage

Advantages and pros of Solar energy

Not dependent on other sources of energy

Friends, solar energy is an energy that is completely free, there is no need for any other energy like gas, fuel etc. It is completely free. And coal is used for making electricity in other energy such as coal etc. Solar energy is a great source of electricity and is also durable.

Solar energy is pollution-free

Minimal maintenance

Safer than other

renewable energy

Maximum usage

cons of Solar energy

  1. Demand for more land
  2. High cost
  3. Weather dependent
  4. Solar energy storage is expensive
  5. Use too many circuits
  6. Use of too much solar cell

Disadvantages and Cons of Solar energy

Demand for more land

Friends, if you are thinking of setting up a solar plant in your house or outside, then let me tell you that for this it is necessary to have a lot of land, because you need more solar cells to make more electricity. Your expenditure for more land increases.

High cost


Solar energy storage is expensive

Use too many circuits

Use of too much solar cell

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