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Apollo 11 Space Mission advantages and disadvantages.

Hello, friends In today’s post you will tell about Apollo Mission 11, what is its advantages and disadvantages. My name is Rajendra and you are watching

Apollo 11 Space Mission advantages and disadvantages
Apollo 11 Space Mission advantages and disadvantages

What is Apollo 11 Space Mission?

Apollo 11 was the space flight of India. The first person on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin were released on July 10, 1969, at 20:17:39 according to international time. And this America’s mission is seen as a great achievement in the history of human history and space research.

Apollo 11, flying from the Kennedy Space Center, located in Merit Island on July 16, 1969, was the fifth human mission and the third moon mission of NASA’s Apollo campaign, which took off from the Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39. as its staff, Armstrong Commander and Aldrin Lunar module pilot and Michael Collins were command module pilots.

Armstrong and Aldrin landed in the sea of ​​tranquility on the moon. became the first person to step on the moon on July 21. And their Lunar module Eagle was on the moon’s pavilion for 21 hours and 31 minutes. And the Collins Command Service module remained on the moon in Colombia. On July 24, all three astronauts landed in the Pacific Ocean on Earth and brought 21.5 kilograms of moon samples along with them. apollo in Hindi click hare

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Apollo 11 landing site.

Friends Apollo 11 satellites had landed in this photo with an arrow mark given in this photo. Please take a look at this photo carefully.

Apollo 11 landing site
Apollo 11 landing site

Advantages of Apollo 11 Space Mission.

Friends, I’m going to tell you about the 6 biggest benefits of Apollo Mission 11 that you will definitely read.

Top 6 Pros of apollo 11.

  1. Study of space:- Friends Apollo 11, we can learn new information about a lot of space. And we will be able to learn even more about the moon. And what is the internal part of the moon? This water can not tell or tell us about this information through this mission.
  2. Discover new earth:- Friends, if scientists search for new earth from Apollo 11 mission. That means searching for water or life on another planet. Then it can prove to be a boon for the earth’s inhabitants.
  3. The future of human beings:- Friends, if scientists are capable of detecting resources in space from Apollo Mission 11. Then it can be very beneficial for us so that we can mobilize resources for ourselves.
  4. New resources:- Friends, with this mission, we will learn a lot about new metals and chemicals, etc. And we can use it to improve the quality of our lives.
  5. Large area:- If friends say now if the mission succeeds in finding second earth in space. Then the earth can have a very large terrain, which will also be able to fulfill its life.
  6. Zero gravitational force:- Friends, due to zero gravity in space, we will get a great benefit from the engine. Because if the gravity is low then the engine will have to take lesser steps. So that fuel will be saved and our Apollo vehicle will go very far.

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Disadvantages of Apollo 11 Space Mission.

In this paragraph, you will tell 6 top losses of Apollo Mission 11, with this post being made.

Top 6 Pros of apollo 11.

  1. Waste of money:- Friends, if Apollo missions are not successful, then it can damage millions of dollars here.
  2. Waste of time:- Friends, if Apollo missions are not successful, then it can waste millions of dollars as well as time out of here. Because it takes years to make it.
  3. Danger to life:- Thousands of scientists work from friends Apollo Mission and if there is any support or any other accident. In this vehicle during the work, then the lives of thousands of scientists can go from it, it can be a loss of great personality.
  4. Do not be successful:- Friends, this mission and I take crores of rupees and hundreds of days to build this satellite and there are many loopholes in it, due to which it can never succeed.
  5. Misuse:- Friends, if the satellite goes to a militant organization or in the wrong hands, then it can misuse it.
  6. pollution:- Friends, it moves from satellite fuel and used in it, it absorbs fuel and releases carbon dioxide gas in the output, due to which our environment can be polluted.

Top 15 facts in apollo 11.

  1. The spacesuit costs 12 million dollars. and You can never cry in space because your tears will not fall down. disadvantages of apollo 11. advantages of apollo 11.
  2. In space, if two pieces of metal touch each other, then they are permanently added.
  3. To get a space shuttle out of the atmosphere, it requires at least 7 miles per second speed, but why does this happen so far has not been known.
  4. According to the astronauts, there are smells like welding smoke and hot metal in space.
  5. Because of low gravity in the space, the human spinal cord is free from the stretch on the earth. In such a way, when astronauts straighten their spinal cord, their length increases to 2.25 inches.
  6. Due to lack of gravity in space, weakness comes and it happens with every person going into space. It may take about 2-3 days for a passenger to come out of this weakness.
  7. NASA is developing a 3D Pizza for Space Indo. and Astronaut in space can not be there, because there is no gravity, which will separate the matter from the gas into the stomach.
  8. In 1962, the US had exploded the hydrogen bomb in space, it was 100 tied with a bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Japan. and The first selfie in space was drawn by Buzz Aldrin in 1966. Now its price is 6 lakh rupees.
  9. Astronauts have a lot of challenges in gold. Astronaut has to work hard to sleep. They have to sleep in a bank by placing a bandage on their eyes so that they can avoid swimming and hitting around.
  10. Due to lack of gravity in space, astronauts can not sprinkle salt or black pepper on food. And they also take food as fluid, so why dry food will start swimming in the air and enter the astronaut’s eye along with hitting here.
  11. Sky from the sky appears blue, but astronauts appear black. and space, if you shout sharply by standing in front of someone, even then he will not be able to hear your voice, because there is no means of reaching your voice from one place to another.
  12. If you go into space, you will die before the body bursts instead of smelting, because there is no air pressure.
  13. The size of the international space station is in the form of the football ground.
  14. Sun looks black when seen from space.
    19 .. The Great Wall of China does not see the sight of space because there is too much air pollution in China.
  15. You can not wear hard on wearing a spacesuit because it has very little air pressure.

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