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pros and cons of turmeric

Turmeric is such a natural thing that has many benefits. And turmeric is generally considered to be a spice in many countries, but in addition to the abundant amount of protein, vitamin A, carbohydrates and minerals in turmeric, there are many such drugs with anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and antiseptic elements. Properties are also found. more pros and cons of turmeric.

Due to which the use of turmeric not only protects us from diseases like cancer, cold and cough and turmeric help you a lot in keeping you healthy. And it proves to be very effective in enhancing our beauty as well. So let’s know the pros and cons of turmeric making it healthy and beautiful.

pros and cons of turmeric
pros and cons of turmeric

pros of turmeric

  1. Stop hair fall
  2. Rapid healing of an injury or wound
  3. Cures cold, cold, or phlegm
  4. Strengthens the immune system
  5. Cure joint pain

Stop hair fall

If you have sudden hair loss due to weather, allergies or any infection, and if your hair loss is not stopping, then you can mix the juice of beetroot leaves in raw turmeric and apply it in your hair. Hair loss will stop automatically within a few days.

Rapid healing of an injury or wound

Turmeric also has the property of fast healing of any injury or wound and if you are bleeding fast due to injury, then you should immediately apply turmeric in that place. This will reduce or stop the bleeding of your injury. If possible, do not open this bandage before reaching the doctor.

Cures cold, cold, or phlegm

If you have turmeric, cold, or phlegm problems, mixing it with milk proves very beneficial. It cures cold, cold, and at the same time, the consumption of warm milk also removes the phlegm that accumulates in the lungs. Consuming it during the winter season helps a lot in keeping you healthy.

Strengthens the immune system

By consuming at least 1 gram of turmeric every day, your immune system is very strong. Which gives the body the power to fight seasonal diseases. And additionally, turmeric eliminates harmful factors that increase diseases like TB in the body.

Cure joint pain

As the winter season approaches, elderly people of the house often start getting very upset with joint pain. And in such a situation, if a one-inch piece of raw turmeric is boiled in a glass of milk and drink it regularly before going to bed at night, it gives immense relief in joint pain.

cons of turmeric

  1. Consuming turmeric in jaundice is fatal
  2. Limited intake
  3. Lack of blood in the body
  4. Imbalance in testosterone levels in the body
  5. Harmful to chemotherapy

Consuming turmeric in jaundice is fatal

Consuming turmeric during jaundice can be very fatal. Therefore, turmeric should be consumed during jaundice.

Limited intake

By the way, consuming turmeric is very beneficial for you. But it should be consumed in limited quantity in the liver and kidney stone. Because consuming too much also increases the risk of greatly increasing the problem.

Lack of blood in the body

Due to the continuous consumption of turmeric, iron deficiency starts in the body. Due to which anemia can be a problem of anemia.

Imbalance in testosterone levels in the body

Excessive consumption of turmeric may cause or cause an imbalance in testosterone levels in your body. Due to which there can be a huge reduction in sperm count.

Harmful to chemotherapy

Most people resort to chemotherapy to treat cancer. And if you are also undergoing chemotherapy, then avoid consuming turmeric.

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