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Advantages and disadvantages of Christmas?

Children decorate the Christmas trees with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm to celebrate this festival. But do you know that the Christmas tree is not only planted for decoration but it also has a lot of importance according to Vastu? This festival of Christmas is celebrated in the joy of the birth of Lord Jesus.

Children, in particular, look forward to receiving gifts from Santa even before Christmas arrives. At the same time, the exchange of gifts among elders is also normal on this day. On this day, to spread happiness on the faces of our loved ones, we definitely give them some gifts.

How is Christmas Day celebrated?

According to the belief of Christianity, when Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day. People of the Christian community celebrate Christmas with great pomp. Gifts are exchanged on this day. Christmas trees are decorated in homes.

Advantages and disadvantages of Christmas 2021

When is Christmas Day celebrated?

Why is Christmas Day celebrated on 25 December? But, by the end of the fourth century, Christmas was celebrated as the birthday of the Lord Jesus. In Europe, some non-Christian people started celebrating 25 December as the day of change of direction of the sun. According to Christian beliefs, on the day of Christmas, Lord Jesus was born on earth.

Merry Christmas 2021: Celebrate this day as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christmas 2021: Every year on 25 December, the whole world celebrates Christmas Day. The celebration of this festival starts on the evening of 24th December.

Advantages of Christmas

  • Christmas trees give off a large amount of oxygen as well as remove carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the atmosphere. Due to which we get sufficient amount of clean oxygen.
  • The Christmas tree is believed to be the abode of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, so there is never a shortage of money in the house by planting it in the house. This plant never becomes a tree. It remains as large even after its maximum height.
  • By applying it in the house, the temperature there remains balanced. Due to which the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot.
  • By decorating the Christmas tree, the atmosphere of the house remains very pleasant. Mutual affection increases among the people of the house.
  • The Christmas tree is considered a symbol of life. That is why it is said that applying it at home gives long life.
  • It is believed that planting Christmas tree in the house does not bring negative energy. According to Vastu, decorating the Christmas tree brings positive energy in the house.
  • Christmas tree also affects a person’s life, applying it removes all kinds of stress from life.
  • Colorful gift boxes decorated on the Christmas tree give a happy atmosphere and positive energy in the house.
  • By planting a Christmas tree, all the Vastu defects in the house are also removed.
  • Decorating the Christmas tree with colorful bells and stars removes bad luck.

Disadvantages of Christmas

  • In the atmosphere of Christmas, the Santa who gives gifts to the unknown person can also lead to many crimes.
  • poor people can’t celebrate christmas.

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