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How to write a check

Hello friends, in this post today I am going to tell you how you can fill the check. Friends, whatever work we do first. By doing that, we get scared because he does not know us. And we do not fill it thinking that it should not go wrong. And will give you complete information about where to fill what. So I am going to tell you everything about How to write a check in this article. So this article will definitely have to start from the beginning. And my name is Rajendra Singh and you are watching

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How to write a check
How to write a check

Write the check in 6 steps

It is very easy to fill a bank check. And here you have a check of any bank, the method of filling all the bank’s checks is almost the same. Checks are used in many ways. Or is it done? And if you have to give money to someone, then you can also give it through check.

1) Fill Date:

In every check, from the top to the right, a Column of Date is made. And there you have to write the date.

fill Date in check

2) Pay to the order of:

This means that you are paying. You have to fill the name of that person or company in the payee column.
And if you don’t know the exact name of the person or organization, you can also write the word “Cash”. However, be aware that it can be risky. Because the check is ever lost or stolen. So any person can deposit a check or cash for “cash”.

Pay to the order of

3) Write the payment amount in numbers:

In this column, you have to fill the check amount. What you are going to pay is to fill in the digits. Write down the amount you are giving. First, you write the dollar amount (for example $ 130.45) in the small box on the right. Write it clearly.

Write the payment amount in numbers

4) Write the entire payment amount in words:

In this column, you have to fill the amount of check that you are going to pay in words. English is more correct. In order to match the numeric dollar amount written in this box, write the dollar amount in clear words in the words below in the column below “Pay to the order of”. For example, if you are paying $ 130.45, you would write “one hundred thirty and 45/100”. To write a check with cents, be sure to keep the number of cents over 100. Because it confirms the correct payment.

Write the entire payment amount in words

5) Must sign in check:

Using the signature you used when opening your account, be sure to clearly enter your name in the line on the bottom right corner.
At the place of signing, the check is in the bottom right. Here you have to signature yourself. And keep in mind that there is no fault of any kind in your Signature or else a check bounce may occur. If you have forgotten the signature, then you can also go to the bank and see your signature. Because this shows the bank that you are agreeing to this payment and are paying the stated amount.

Must sign in check

6) Write a memo:

It is optional to fill in a column with “Memo”, but it is useful to know why you wrote in the check. If you are paying a check for monthly, electricity bill or rent, either because you are making this check for some other reason, then in the column of the memo you will get “electric bill” or “monthly rent” or the reason you can write the check you are writing. Often when you are paying the bill, the company will ask you to write your account number on the check-in the memo column.

Write a memo in check

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