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What are JavaScript Data Types?

It is a JavaScript data type tutorial, you’ll learn about the various types of data offered by JavaScript. As I said earlier in this tutorial Javascript can be described as an evolving computer programming language.

It is widely utilized in web pages, the use of which permits client-side scripts to communicate with users and build dynamic websites. Similar to other programming languages Javascript can be used to create pages that are based on the characteristics that can be described as a is a data type (data type). The data type of the language specifies what kind amount of data a particular variable could contain.

What are JavaScript Data Types?
What are JavaScript Data Types?

JavaScript Data Types

In simple terms in the field of programming the term “data type” refers to the classification that defines the kind of value a variable is and what kind of mathematical, relationship, or logical operation is executed without error.

i.e data type Simply specify the type of data that will be saved and altered in this program.

Javascript In the data type defines the various types or kinds of data you can use and save in variables. Are you aware of this? It is crucial that you know each of these types of data, otherwise the data might be stored in the wrong format, which could cause problems within your code in the future. Every programming language is unique and has its own method to represent data. No matter what programming language it is, data types are an important concept in all.

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Javascript has Two types.

  1. Primitive data type.
  2. Non-primitive (reference) data type.

As I said, JavaScript is a dynamic type language, which means you don’t need to specify the type of the variable as it is dynamically used by the JavaScript engine.

You have to specify the data type here. var‘ is required to be used. It can hold any type of value like strings, numbers, etc. for example:

var a=100;          //holding number  
var b="TopFaida";   //holding string  

JavaScript Primitive Data Types

In JavaScript, a primitive (primitive value, primitive data type) is data that is not an object and has no method. There are five types of primitive data types in JavaScript. They are as follows:

Data TypeDescription
StringIt represents the sequence of characters. Like
NumberIt represents numeric values ​​such as “100”
BooleanThis boolean value is false or represents true.
UndefinedRepresents an undefined value.
NullIt represents a null value ie no value at all

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JavaScript non-primitive data types

The non-primitive data types are as follows:

Data TypeDescription
Objectthis example represents through which members can be accessed.
ArrayIt represents the similar values ​​of a group.
RegExpThis regular expression represents.

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What are JavaScript data types?

Data type Simply specifies the type of data that will be saved and altered in this program.

How many data types are there?

Modern computer languages have five types of data: Integral, floating Point Character, String of Character, and composite types, each with distinct subtypes that are defined within every broad classification.

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