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How much can a Hindi blogger earn in A month?

A Hindi blogger can easily earn 2000 to 5000 in 1 month when the approval of Google Adsense has been received on his website, and he is easily bringing 50000 page views of the month on his website, apart from this many Hindi bloggers of the day. 20000 thousand rupees are also earning, but those people come to organic traffic, they do all this by working hard, you also work hard and earn only 1000 to 2000 thousand rupees daily but definitely earn something.

The number of Hindi bloggers is increasing very fast all over the world and in this 60 to 80 bloggers are not able to make income. And those who become successful, they earn good money for the month. Hindi bloggers also make good money as compared to English blogs. Hindi blogger earns easily from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 100000 per month

Good news for Hindi bloggers. They too will now get a chance to earn money through Goggle’s Adsense like English bloggers. Google had recently announced this and now it has started implementing it.

Learn about WordPress in hindi

CPC for Hindi blog

CPC means Full Form i.e. “Cost Per Click”. Meaning the money you get on one click is called CPC. Suppose you have a blog and there are 100 pageviews on your blog every day. In these 100 pageviews you get 5 Clicks and in Hindi blog the cpc is around 0. Gets up to 1. The problem with Hindi blog is that its cpc is very less.

How much can a Hindi blogger earn in A month
How much can a Hindi blogger earn in A month

long wait is over

Google has given Hindi bloggers an opportunity to earn money by showing advertisements on their page about 7-8 years ago, but due to technical problems, it stopped this feature. Now again he has taken this step to make Hindi blogging popular.

Earn as many clicks

You can earn money through any ad you want on every blog page run on Google’s service. In addition to the content on the page of the blog. Google gives the facility to place ads in the remaining places. All that will be needed is that the visitor to the blog also clicks on the ad. Tech blogger BS Pabla says that if there is a proper blog, then one can earn up to 1 lakh rupees every month sitting at home.

There are challenges ahead

Even though Google has given the option of earning money through ads on Hindi blogs. there are many challenges in front of Hindi bloggers. Lalit Kumar, who runs popular blogs Decimal and Kavita Kosha, says that right now a Hindi blogger will have to deal with many challenges to earn money. According to him, the biggest challenge is to garner so many readers on the blog that it would be beneficial to place an ad. It is more important that how much the reader of the Hindi blog is clicking. Lalit Kumar also says that at present there is a dearth of good bloggers in Hindi, taking advantage of which many bogus blogs have flourished. Because of this, Hindi blogs are neither getting serious readers nor earning bloggers.

Blog will be closed on copying

Google adsense and google search console has always been strict on copying any content, videos or photos. This time also Google has said that if a blog has copied anything without wrong credit or permission, then the blog will be closed immediately. It is often seen that people copy photos from Google and write credits from Google in the credits. Even in such cases, Google is adopting a policy of immediate closure, starting to show strictness.

Internet will benefit

Companies like Google and Face book are working on providing basic internet facilities every where and are considering it good for knowledgeable Hindi or regional blogging. As the penetration of internet in Hindi speaking areas increases, the number of people reading Hindi blogs will also increase and also on the pretext of earning.

I believe that Hindi bloggers can easily express their language to their words and it is easy to write in Hindi. so you can earn more in Hindi than in English because if you write in English, then we will do well for you. Can’t say as much as you can in Hindi, then you will like Hindi people more, that’s why even by writing in Hindi, you can’t do millions.

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