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Which is better WordPress or Blogger for beginners?

Friends, if you want to do blogging and you are completely new to blogging, then according to me in the beginning, Blogger is the best for you. Here you can very easily create a blog/website and start your earning, here everything is free. But if you talk about WordPress, then for WordPress you need both Domain + Hosting / Server, for which you have to spend. When you have good knowledge in the field of blogging, you can also transfer your blog to WordPress.

There are many platforms for blogging, where you can easily manage your blog and content. But the question arises which blogging platform is right for you; Blogger vs WordPress? These are just 3 popular platforms, but there are many more besides these. We cannot discuss on everyone, but we will talk about 2 popular blogging platforms, which is Blogger vs WordPress. Initially many bloggers use Blogger and then later shift to WordPress.

Which is better WordPress or Blogger for beginners?
Which is better WordPress or Blogger for beginners?

Advantages and disadvantages of Blogger

Advantages of Blogger

  • Fast speed
  • Totally Free
  • easy to use
  • Make Money with AdSense etc.
  • Biggest Community Of Bloggers
  • high security
  • low maintenance
  • no developer needed
  • lots of free designs

Disadvantages of Blogger

  • limited control
  • Cannot upload custom file
  • Server access is not available
  • can’t change server file
  • Can’t upload custom file to server
  • Google can delete your website at any time.

Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress

Advantages of WordPress

  • full control
  • you have control panel
  • You can change anything in the website
  • By itself, you can optimize
  • Make Money With Many Sources
  • can make any type of design
  • Millions of Developers Available Off WordPress
  • You can also sell your website
  • Millions of themes and plugins available
  • Create custom website easily
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Disadvantages of WordPress

  • it’s not free
  • In this you have to take server and domain and also have to do new
  • It’s not easy to understand
  • The risk of hacking remains high
  • If you can’t, then the developer has to be hired.

Both the platforms are best at their own level, now it depends on what type of blog you want to create, which one is best for you…There are some good features on wordpress then some on blogger, like if you have no knowledge of coding then blogger is best for you..

Even if you think that you do not have money for hosting yet, blogger is best for you because hosting is not required on blogger. But if you want to do blogging for a long time, then it is best for WordPress, because you have full control over WordPress, it is only your blog, no one will be able to delete your blog, on fetish blogger if you do something wrong. If so, your blog can also be deleted.

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