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How to manage multiple WordPress websites.

hello friends, I wanna quickly share what I have to do today. I have to update the plugins for one client, optimize the speed for a designer e-store and migrate a photography blog to a different hosting. Now might be asking. ‘ Why did you take on so many clients? ‘This is not how managing multiple sites should work Ideally.

What should I look for in a WP management solution?

I am sure that to many of you this scenario is absolutely familiar as well. So in this video, guys, I wanna share a secret which is to find an amazing WordPress management solution and never worry about your agency’s growth capacity again. Btw how about you? How many sites are you managing and how long does it take you? Let me know in the comments.

How to manage multiple WordPress websites.
How to manage multiple WordPress websites.

Websites Migration

Now the first thing we’re gonna talk about is Migration. So you find better hosting, you get thrilled and decide to move your clients’ websites to the new platform. The right WP management solution should let you migrate websites simultaneously and automatically, without any data loss, fuss, or additional fees.

WordPress multisite feature

A good WP management solution will also have a multisite feature. What is that all about? It’s when you manage your WP multisite installs from a single place. If you’re new to the concept of multisite, check out the article from our blog, I’ve linked it in the description. In short, managing a WP multisite is when you can perform plugin updates and other actions for each site of the multisite installation separately OR in bulk, on the many websites in the multisite installation simultaneously.

Plugin management

One aspect of managing multiple websites is plugin management: Oftentimes you’ll want to install and activate the same plugin on a number of websites you’re managing. Or, you’ll want to delete or update a plugin on multiple websites at the same time. A good WP management tool should definitely have thought about that for you.

Security management

Then there’s security, something that is essential for all websites as there are hackers lurking about. So look for a WP management solution that will let you scan for threats and vulnerabilities on all your websites at the same time or schedule those scans.

Staging environment

Also, guys, include a staging environment to the solutions you’re looking for as you will be able to experiment with all your websites before pushing them live. Another important point that really saves time is the option to schedule actions in bulk and automate manual tasks. Whether it’s about backing up your client’s websites or updating plugins and themes, the right WP management solution should have you covered here. And plus to all of this.

All-in-one dashboard

guys, look for an all-in-one dashboard. You need to be able to connect all your clients’ websites to one place and find all the necessary features and functionality on that one interface. WordPress itself has a complex and crowded interface, one that doesn’t make site management any easier for you. A user-friendly all-in-one dashboard is convenient and makes the management process so much faster. As long as the interface is well-designed and works smoothly, you’ll never wanna go back to WordPress dash again. Now that we’re done discussing the factors you should look for.

Managing multiple WP websites

It’s an innovative automated hosting solution that has everything for the smooth management of your clients’ websites. One huge positive to going with 10Web – meaning choosing a hosting provider and a management tool both – is that you get everything in one place. Everything’s automated. You can automatically achieve a PageSpeed score of 90+ for all your clients’ websites. schedule all updates, backups, security scans, and more.

By the way, there’s a free 14-day trial without a credit card requirement if you wanna test drive 10Web before committing. Anyway, here on this account I already have some websites to manage. If we click the Manage button, it takes us to the 10Web dash for this particular website. Let’s see. If we go to the Plugins menu section and then Scheduling, we can enable automatic updates of all plugins with just a click.

Below we can choose if we want these updates to be performed monthly, weekly, daily, or at a set time and date. Later when these updates are automatically performed, we can check on them from the Scheduling History section over here. Imagine how much time you can save if you automate all the plugin updates of all the websites you manage. Similarly, if we click “Security” from this left-side menu and then go to the “Scheduling” tab, we can schedule regular automatic security scans. Again, we can set it to monthly scans, weekly or daily.

If we have scheduling enabled for all our websites, that’ll surely keep them up-to-date and secure. With 10Web, you can automate anything from WordPress core updates to image optimization – it can be done from this Image Optimization menu section over here. This makes your work efficient, saves you a lot of time, and smoothens the workflow in general. Are you an advanced user interested in multisite management? This video section is for you. But if you’d rather skip to our next cool features, white labeling, and user management, feel free to do that, too!

Multisite Management

Now let’s start poking around the multisite support feature on 10Web! Here on this 10Web account I already have a connected WP Network, and here’s my Multisite Thumbnail. We can click on View Network Sites to manage a single site or click on the Manage button to manage the entire network. If you click on the Manage button, it will take you to your 10Web Network Dashboard. Here you will see My Sites, Overview, Backups, and Security.

When you connect to the 10Web dashboard, you can enable the Backups and Security services for your entire network allowing you to backup and secure the entire network at once. At the top left of your network dashboard thumbnail, there’s a Stacked House icon. We click on the stacked house icon and it takes us to the WP Network Admin dashboard. Next up, let’s try activating plugins and themes. Here we have the choice to Network Activate or to Activate for one specific site. The same goes for deactivating them. To quickly navigate to our other sites, or to the Network dashboard, we click the drop-down menu under Multisite.

White labeling

Other super important features included in 10Web’s Agency plan are white labeling and user management. White labeling means that you can just present our whole array of services and tools, from automatic speed optimization to automatic migration, automated backups, and security as your own. And it’s completely legal. Your clients will be thankful for their fast, reliable, and beautiful websites.

User management

Then there’s user management, where you can assign different roles to the people working at your agency. Defining the scope of their responsibility really helps save time on managing multiple websites. We have a brand new video on user management coming soon, so stay tuned! Then there’s user management, where you can assign different roles to the people working at your agency.

Defining the scope of their responsibility really helps save time on managing multiple websites. We have a brand new video on user management coming soon, so stay tuned! The fact that 10Web includes both hosting and the features for easily managing multiple sites means that you don’t have to go looking for a separate WordPress management tool. But what if you are looking for a separate management platform.

Should you use a WordPress Management tool to manage multiple WordPress sites?

In that case, our list of the 3 best WordPress management platforms will come in handy.

WP Remote

WP Remote is a completely free plugin from the WordPress repository that lets you easily update WordPress Core, plugins, and themes with a single click, no matter how many sites you’re managing. The only downside is a lot of reviews mentioning that while the plugin used to be really great, it doesn’t really work well anymore.


ManageWP is another great way to manage multiple sites. You can backup, restore, migrate, perform security scans, manage users, and update all your clients’ websites in just a click or two. ManageWP is a free plugin, but you can also get the premium version for just $1 a month. And the final solution on our list is MainWP WordPress Manager.

MainWP WordPress Manager

Of all three, this one is the most advanced option. For it to work, you need to install two plugins MainWP dashboard and MainWP Child. The dashboard lets you connect separate WP sites with different hosts and on different servers. The child plugin lets your Dashboard site connect and communicate with the WP site it is securely installed on.

Now you know what to do to make us happy – like, hit that subscribe button for more content for agencies and write a comment telling us how many hours you spend managing multiple websites. So guys, take care and I’ll see you next time. This article was brought to you by topfaida an automated WordPress platform designed for agencies. Automate hosting, speed optimization, migration, site-building, and management. if you need GPL WordPress themes and plugins at a good and affordable price then click the hare shop page.

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