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WordPress Plugins Exposes Websites

WordPress Plugin Exposes: I’ll get through it quick as possible first news is actually kind of crazy so there’s a WordPress plugin vulnerability that has exposed more than a million sites. This is a big deal make sure you check this here’s.

1. WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Exposes More Than a Million Sites

What’s going on if you use WordPress ninja forms which most people do to create their forms then uh you have two vulnerabilities and this has impacted more than a million websites okay so go make sure you check this out essentially the vulnerabilities include sensitive information disclosure so any registered user can export every form.

That’s ever been submitted to a website and those forms may include confidential info. Then unprotected rest API to email injection so an attacker can use ninja forms to send bulk email distributions and the emails could convince unsuspecting recipients to disclose personal info. I hate that people are doing this junk online nowadays if you’ve got ninja forms uh go and upgrade to the latest version.

WordPress Plugins Exposes Websites
WordPress Plugins Exposes Websites

2. Facebook Rolls out New Marketing Tools

The next thing is a bigger story through Facebook rolls out new marketing tools I want you to really think about these next couple of stories I’m going to go through the one on Facebook on LinkedIn because here’s what’s going on Facebook is introducing new tools to help you reach more people in your target market.

The first one clicks to message ads and that enables you to invite customers to connect via all messaging apps, not just Facebook messenger all messaging apps any messaging app that they’ve approved right this is a big deal because what was happening is these major tech companies were gating the types of technology.

That could be used for things like payment and things like messaging. Now they’re trying to open it up more so that they don’t get in trouble basically but essentially. There’s that and then also facebook is gonna. Let you add a WhatsApp click to chat button on your Instagram profile. and read more points for WordPress Plugin Exposes.

If you want to have click to chat with WhatsApp on Instagram you can do that and then also you’re going to have the opportunity to receive quotes quote requests via Facebook messenger that new feature allows you to use a form that asks users a few questions so you could go to my john lincoln marketing Facebook page say hey john I want a quote I could have a bot spit back a couple of questions right.

How big is your website how many pages do you want to optimize how much-paid media do you run a month do you need an email marketing program and then I could boom spit you back a quote I probably wouldn’t be able to do that because we have a lot of customized services here but if you had a different type of service you would be able to have quotes get sent back and then uh finally Instagram is gonna offer paid and organic tools

That enables you to find qualified leads okay and Facebook says the solution will be more effective than other lead generation tools so like. What’s happening here is more integration more marketing tools um more CRM based stuff tools CRM integrations everybody’s trying to create that ecosystem so you do everything in their platform as much as possible so you don’t go spend your money on the other platforms right make sense.

3. WordPress Gutenberg 11.5 Enhances Widget Editing Experience

The next thing is also WordPress related so WordPress Gutenberg 11.5 enhances the widget editing experience so there are widgets inside of WordPress. It’s a way that you build a lot of features on the site example widgets might be like a calendar your latest post popular tags a search bar those things you put in the sidebar and you can use in other areas of the site. But essentially the latest Gutenberg includes a new widget block it’s going to make it easier for you to add widgets that you love and this just came out a week ago.

4. Google: We Use HTML Titles 87% of the Time

Google says we use HTML titles 87 percent of the time so there’s that big title update. I did a video on it if you want to hear about it google kind of stopped using the titles that are inside of the code they started using a little bit more of the tiles that were on the page they’re saying that they use the HTML titles 87 times a lot of the time. I haven’t seen it

That much but essentially what I’ve always done in my career is I’ve had the same title that’s inside of the code pretty much always be the same title that’s on the page as well there are different things you can mark it up if you’re worried about styling and layout and things like that.

5. Google: Yes You Can Get Penalized for Bad Links in a FAQ Schema

Google says uh you can get penalized if you have bad links inside of your faq schema this is a technical little nuance here but essentially google said that if you have a linking to an external site from faq schema and you have something like discounts in there you can get a penalty for that

6. LinkedIn Rolls out Updated Lead Gen Forms Integration for Zapier

That way another technical SEO type of thing here’s a more exciting thing. I suppose LinkedIn rolls out updated lead gen form integration for zapier. So zapier is such a cool company way that let’s just connect everything and make it so that they can but essentially LinkedIn recently made it easier for people in your target market to register your events.

Thanks to a new trigger in its lead generation form integration for zapier if you’re unfamiliar with zapier it’s a tool that integrates with a bunch of stuff and um it’s uh it’s an option now for LinkedIn lead gen form integration

7. Google: You Won’t Get in Trouble for Accessibility Site Changes

next thing google says you won’t get in trouble for accessibility site changes so google says that you won’t be penalized for one particular accessibility site change that might take some content off of the screen the question was can I have content open in a lightbox that has to do with accessibility and they essentially said that’s okay if it’s not in HTML but it opens up in a lightbox and it’s deployed.

8. Report: YouTube and Facebook Seen As Key Sources of News Content

next thing youtube and Facebook are seen as key sources of news content continually youtube and Facebook and social media, in general, has been a place people turn to for news what’s interesting is it’s actually down a little bit so it’s still 48 of Americans get news from social media but that number’s down five points from last year.

They’re kind of going back to the main news source which I really really like to see. I feel like publishers have gotten such a bad rap they haven’t been taken care of they’re creating this great content everybody expects it for free especially.

When they’re on social but of those of you who get news on social media about a third 31 percent rely on Facebook while 22 percent rely on youtube and those numbers are down from last year was 36 from Facebook and 23 from youtube 55 of Americans who use Twitter regularly get their news there and that’s down four points so kind of interesting right.

9. Survey: UGC Can Generate Brand Loyalty and Trust

The last thing I said I had a kind of a big thing. WordPress Plugin Exposes that’s like a big takeaway for this article at the end of the article. Here it is okay user-generated content is great for ads and can generate brand loyalty let’s think about that for a second if you’re advertising user-generated content why is that good well it’s part of the ad platform right so it looks like the stuff that’s on there and they believe it more but I want to take.

That is a step further and tell you some of the stuff that came out in this study so a whopping 80 said it highly impacts their marketing decision that’s a big number in any study they also said that 56 of those surveyed said that they’re more influenced by social media images and videos

When shopping online now than they were before the pandemic and one final important point of information 64 of gen z and 60 of millennials said they left an e-commerce site because it didn’t include customer photos and reviews I’ve done a lot of product launches for new businesses in very competitive categories and it’s hard to sell when there are a lot of customers using it and they’re going against big players

They don’t have reviews they don’t have pictures of people actually using it that creative that real community that likes it once it’s developed things seem to snowball quite a bit but that initial part can be a little bit tricky that’s it for the digital marketing news this week I uh want to hear from you what was your main takeaway what was the most important or interesting thing in the news.

This week was it the user-generated content uh leave a comment below was it the Facebook um news that all the stuff they’re doing there with the uh the chat was it the WordPress vulnerabilities uh what is gonna be your action items leave a comment below I love chatting with you online I love hearing about what’s going on with you in the world of digital marketing. WordPress Plugin Exposes. I will see you next week have a great one goodbye.

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