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Top 6 famous food in Kedarnath.

Hello friends In today’s post, I will tell you, who are the Top 6 famous food in Kedarnath, I am from Rajendra Uttarakhand, and I very much welcome you to read this post in our website so that you can fulfill If you want to know about Kedarnath or if you want to go, then you need to know the top six food out there. I will tell you in this post.

Food option at Kedarnath.

Friends, food in Kedarnath you will write a few consonants because it is very difficult to get food to eat, so that the cost of the goods increases and takes 14 kilometers to climb the mountain. It is very difficult to go too.

Kedarnath is a strict vegetarian and religious place. There are only a few hotels (Rstorents) on the way to the holy temple. Those who go from 4 to midnight in the morning. And serve basic Indian cuisine, namely fine vegetarian food.

Most restaurants are Chinese in Goriqund but North Indian cuisine, Gujarati and Rajasthani food are also available. All types of ordinary vegetarian meals are available and non-vegetarian food is not banned, so someone does not like her food. And whatever is available, it has to be eaten. But the food which is served in Kedarnath is very beneficial for health.

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Top 6 famous food list in Kedarnath.

  • Aaloo puri.
  • chhole bhature.
  • kachori.
  • Biskits.
  • Tea.
  • Dal chawal.

1) Aaloo puri.

Friends, if you are going to Kedarnath or you want to go, then you will get the most festive food aloo puri. There is very cold. And between the mountains is very high. For that reason, it is very difficult to get the luggage out of the house. And because of this, there are a lot of dishes that you can enjoy there.

2) chhole bhature.

Friends, Kedarnath is a very cold and mountainous area, therefore there are many more Chhota Bhaturs given there and you can enjoy it there and there are no more dishes available.

3) kachori.

Friends, in Kedarnath, you will find Kachody on every single dhaba. And you can eat it by visiting any restaurant. Looks very tasty in the food, if you do not see, then definitely see the photo above.

4) Biskits.

Friends Kedarnath is very climbing because it is very difficult to carry things there. And there is very light stuff, which is used because the horse is used for transportation. That’s why you can also make biscuits in the meal.

5) Tea.

Kedarnath is a very cold area because it is covered with snow from all sides, hence there is very heavy cold. And if you want to get relief from freezing, then the tea. will be the best tool for you. And tea is easily available there.

6) Dal chawal.

Friends, if you are thinking of going to Kedarnath or going, you will be given dal rice only in the food or you will be given it to you. Most of the friends will be given only pulse rice in Kedarnath as it is easily available there and this item is given in the food.


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