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What are HTML Tags? | Understand the HTML Tags?

To master in HTML, you have to understand the meaning of HTML tags and the way it function. If you’re not aware of HTML tags it is impossible to make an online page. Every HTML document is structured by tags.

First, do you know what HTML is? So HTML is ” Hypertext Markup Language “.

HTML is not a complicated programming language. It is a language used for creating web pages using text. HTML tags are like keywords that define how a web browser will format and display the content. With the help of tags, 

Every website webpage is an HTML document or file. Although it’s simply a text document, it is a file. However, the contents of the file comprise HTML tags. It is also required to save using the file extension .html or .htm.

What are HTML Tags? | Understand the HTML Tags?
What are HTML Tags? | Understand the HTML Tags?

What is HTML Tags? | HTML Tags Working?

HTML tags are similar to keywords, or hidden keywords. The web browser must be able to determine how it displays the contents. The majority of tags comprise three primary components that are open tags and a center content and close tag.

For instance, the start tag is the beginning of the tag. The content is there… along with the closing tag. By using HTML tags web browsers can differentiate between HTML content and standard content.

<body> This is just an example of the body tag </body>

Note, Open tags <>are from less than and greater than a symbol. And the close tag </>is a forward-slash between the less than and greater than symbols /.

The close tag contains the same text as the open tag, but with an additional forward-slash (/) character. You can interpret it as the “end” or “close” character.

Each HTML file contains the required valid (valid) tag so that the web browser can understand it, and display it correctly. But there are some tags that do not have a closing tag, they are also called empty tags.

HTML is the use of tags for its syntax. Below is an HTML document code, which has all the required tags. You copy the code below. And paste it in your HTML code editor, and save the web page as tutorial.html.

  This is where website content happens! 

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<html> Tag

This is a root tag, which defines the HTML document. <html>starts with </html>tag and ends with tag. Every HTML web page must have <html> at the beginning and </html> at the end of the web page.

<head> Tag

This tag is used for information about the web page. This means specific information about the web page that is not displayed to the user. It starts before the <body> tag. which <head>starts with and </head>ends with tag.

<title> Tag

It defines the title of the HTML document. that <title>begins and </title>ends with a tag. It starts after the <head> tag. It is used to name the title of the web page. And it is displayed in the browser toolbar.

<body> tag

This HTML document defines the body of the page. and occurs inside <html> tags. Which <body>begins and </body>ends with.

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What is a blank tag?

An empty tag is said to be a tag that does not end with the tag “/” (slash).

It is used for images, breaks, meta tags, lists or hyperlinks.

An empty tag starts with ” < ” and ends with ” > “.

For example<br> , <img>tags, etc.

Is HTML tag case sensitive?

HTML tags are not case sensitive : <HEAD> means the same as <head> . The HTML5 standard doesn’t require lowercase tags, but I recommend you try using lowercase.

Don’t forget the end tag

There are some HTML tags that the web browser displays correctly even without the end tag. Because some closing tags are considered optional. For example, the paragraph <p>tag.

Copy the code below and run it:

  <p>This is a HTML paragraph
  <p>Tutorial in Hindi

After saving this code in an HTML document, when viewing in a web browser. So <p> tag which is without end tag “</p>” still it will display properly in the mouser.

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Conclusion of this tutorial:

In this HTML Tag Tutorial, you will learn what is HTML Tag? Example of HTML Tag What is an Empty Tag? Why not forget the HTML end tag? And HTML tags are not case-sensitive.

You cannot create a web page without HTML tags. To understand the tag well, and which tag is of what use, how to use practice.

Note: Always remember to use tags in lowercase and don’t forget to give an end tag.

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